photo:  Tamara Kalin

Wilton residents can feel good about the new artificial turf being installed on Lilly Field, the same environmentally-friendly (and athlete-friendly) kind of turf that was put in at Veteran’s Memorial Field in the Wilton High School stadium two years ago. Made out of coconut husk infill, it’s a sharp improvement over the previous crumb rubber type of field cover.

Now comes news of one more beneficial aspect to the re-turfing that Wilton is doing. In the two years since the stadium field was renovated, the industry has developed new technology that allows the old crumb rubber turf to be removed and recycled.

First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice posted a video (below) last week on Facebook of Wilton’s Parks and Recreation ground crews removing the old turf, which will be recycled–into clothing!

An eagle-eyed reader sent us some images she snapped of the turf neatly bagged and ready to be picked up for transport to the recycling facility.