Wilton Police have announced that on Wednesday, Oct. 30, a section of Pimpewaug Rd. will be closed due to power line construction by a subcontractor of Eversource. The closure will be south of Skunk Ln., and all traffic exiting Skunk Ln. will be required to head north to Cannon Rd.. No traffic will be allowed south bound from Cannon Rd. except for local traffic. Traffic on Pimpewaug Rd. will be closed at Danbury Rd./Rte. 7 except for the residents or businesses within the closed area.

The road closure will begin 9 a.m. and conclude between 5-7 p.m.. Police say they expect this to be a one day closure. Wilton Police and flaggers will be on hand to assist with traffic and the Wilton Police Department has been working closely with the schools and school bus company to minimize disruption to school bus traffic. The rain date is Thursday, Oct. 31.