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Ella’s List Endorses Deb McFadden for Wilton First Selectwoman, Supports Women Leadership in CT

Among the women mayors and first selectwomen candidates statewide, Democratic candidate Deb McFadden has been endorsed by Ella’s List.

Named for three great “Ellas” who were trailblazers in their time–Isabella Beecher Hooker, Bella Abzug, and Ella Grasso–the goal of Ella’s List is to “help build a bench of women on the municipal level that can become leaders of our state.” During its first year in 2017, Ella’s List endorsed 32 women running for the top elected office statewide, 28 of whom won.

“We are thrilled to support Deb’s vision and hard work on behalf of voters. We enthusiastically endorse her as the next First Selectwoman of Wilton.,” said Susan D. Cocco, founding member of Ella’s List Advisory Board, in a statement. “Deb is an ardent advocate for the beneficial role of government in the lives of our citizens and communities. She has the dedication, experience, common sense and human perspective we need in our small towns.”

“Deb has worked tirelessly and effectively on behalf of Wilton for many years,” said Tom Dubin, chair of Wilton’s Democratic Town Committee. “We congratulate her on this well-deserved endorsement and are confident that she is the leader Wilton needs today.”

The press announcement by Ella’s List stated had praise for the CT women seeking office. “We are so impressed with the amount of hard work and determination the women on this list are putting forth in their localities. We look forward to their victories on Nov. 5 and urge all registered voters in their towns or cities to get out and vote for these outstanding women.”

P&Z Chair Scott Lawrence Backs Republican Candidates Running for His Commission

To the Editor:

I enthusiastically encourage you to vote on Nov. 5 for Rick Tomasetti, Melissa Rotini, Matthew Murphy, Jake Bittner and Jill Warren for Wilton’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

These are exciting times for Wilton. The unifying theme of this 2019 town election, across boards, candidates and parties, has been a call for a forward-thinking vision for Wilton’s responsible growth and a keen plan to execute on that vision.

Rick Tomasetti, Melissa Rotini, Matthew Murphy, Jake Bittner and Jill Warren have the right vision. Start with Wilton’s 2019 Plan of Conservation and Development, enacted by P&Z with community-wide input in a tri-partisan, multi-board effort over the last two years. The Plan takes a hard look at where Wilton is today and where it needs to go to make Wilton the best version of itself. The Plan calls for new appropriate development in Wilton’s village centers and commercial corridor on Danbury Rd., based on today’s demographic and economic realities. It calls for development that exhibits and enhances Wilton’s historical and natural assets while providing for new housing opportunities and more flexible commercial designs and uses. It calls for new master planning, improved zoning regulations, enhanced architectural review, incentivized approaches and regional thinking to ensure a vibrant Wilton for the 21st century.

Rick Tomasetti, Melissa Rotini, Matthew Murphy, Jake Bittner and Jill Warren are best poised to execute on that vision. Rick Tomasetti, Melissa Rotini and Matthew Murphy were instrumental in fomenting the Plan’s vision and drafting its goals. Jake Bittner and Jill Warren have embraced the Plan’s vision and will bring unique new insight, experience and ideas to improve it going forward.

Rick Tomasetti is a licensed architect, a lifetime Wiltonian and leader on P&Z as its current vice chair. Melissa Rotini is an experienced attorney well versed in municipal and land-use law. She has served on the Economic Development Commission in addition to being appointed twice to fill P&Z vacancies, which is a testament to her skills and value. Matthew Murphy is a long-time small business owner with shrewd insight into the operational and economic impact of zoning decisions on the commercial users that Wilton wants to attract. Jake Bittner has extensive professional design experience and insight gleaned by working with design, planning and zoning boards throughout the country. Jill Warren can bring her science degree and background to bear on complex land-use applications while uniquely providing a “millennial” view and representing a “generation Wilton needs to attract in order to survive,” in her own apt words.

Wilton will benefit from this experienced P&Z team now as much as ever. Wilton is losing a major asset and astute guide when Town Planner Bob Nerney departs this coming February after having served Wilton with expertise and distinction for 18 years. Even without this transition, P&Z service is challenging and requires unique skills and judgment in the normal course. The issues and law are complex. Hearings can be lengthy and often have impassioned debate. Applications routinely match competing interests in deciphering what the applicant, neighbors, public and town each desire, what is best for each and what the law requires. You need people you can trust to run the process right, listen, ask the right questions, weigh the facts and law, work together and make the right decisions. Rick Tomasetti, Melissa Rotini, Matt Murphy, Jake Bittner and Jill Warren are those people.

Now is the time for leadership with vision and experience on P&Z. Please vote for Rick Tomasetti, Melissa Rotini, Matthew Murphy, Jake Bittner and Jill Warren for the Planning and Zoning Commission on Nov. 5.

Scott Lawrence