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Lucci Electric has been in Wilton for 60 years. We asked the Lucci team for some advice as we head into winter and storm season.

Pumpkin Spice everything might be in this morning’s forecast, but the look ahead is a wintry one.

The Farmers Almanac predicts frosty, snowy, wet and icy for Winter 2020. Strong, gusty winds are also expected. That means power outages. Whether isolated or widespread they will occur and could cause severe damage to our area.

It’s important to be prepared for power outages at any time. Your neighbors’ tree can take your power down even if you’ve trimmed your trees and are prepared. Expect the unexpected.

Back-up power is critical, so if you haven’t installed a generator, now is a good time to do so to keep the heat on and the water running. Whether you invest in whole house protection or just the “necessities” to get by, the investment is well worth overcoming the inconvenience of no power.

If you already have a generator, make sure it’s been serviced and is working. Ideally, it is set up to test every week if it’s automatic. If your generator is portable, make sure to test it yourself at least one time a month and make sure there’s plenty of fuel around in the case of an outage.

If you already have an automatic generator, give us a call to give it a quick pre-winter check or if you are able, check the unit and make sure you have a green light, or the unit says “Ready to Run.” We can test your generator in winter conditions to see how it operates and if there are any start-up problems.

“Think of your generator the same way to you think about your car,” says Christopher Reeb, president of Lucci Electric. “You always make sure it’s serviced regularly and that the oil and fuel levels are adequate and the battery is in good condition.”

Batteries are the single most common cause of failure of a generator to start and operate properly in the event of an outage or exercise cycle. These failures are commonly caused by three factors:  battery age-deterioration, battery charging failure and poor or loose battery cable connections.

With a Lucci Electric Service Contract, our licensed and trained electricians will come out twice a year and insure that your unit is well maintained and operating properly and check all the parts, including the battery.

We also tell our service customers to:

  • Make sure the area around the generator is clear of debris.
  • Look for leaks, staining, and puddles, which can indicate a broken component.
  • Check the exhaust and ventilation for blockages.
  • Check your fuel levels/percentages. Have your LP provider top you off before it becomes an emergency.

With the growing uncertainty of the weather, and the inconvenience of no power or even hauling out a portable generator, you might think about investing in an automatic home standby generator. There are various options at some lower price points than you might think.

Generac home standby generators will provide automatic power for heat and electricity in an event of a power outage and they turn on in a flash after the power goes out and continue to stay on until all utility power has been restored.

“Our customers comment that it’s so easy and automatic, that they sometimes aren’t even aware that the power has gone out,” Reeb says.

“In our more than 60 years in business in the Wilton area, we’ve seen how the dramatic climate change has really made generators a necessity. It may seem like a big cost initially, but we have smaller units that are much more affordable. We also see the impact on houses where there are not generators, such as flooding or loss of food or lost work time in businesses.”

Winter preparedness can sound like a large amount of work. The truth is that this yearly task may be simplified by following some basic weather proofing safety measures and by investing in a Generac generator. The winter launches many unpredictable variables that can throw roadblocks in our everyday lives. These roadblocks include ice, sleet, freezing rain, strong winds, snowstorms, and brutally cold temperatures. The combination of any of these factors can lead to a blizzard, ice storm, or a polar vortex.

Preparing for the winter can keep you safe and comfortable in your warm home all season long. It’s always best to prepare for the winter in advance; there’s no need to roll the dice this winter and gamble the safety of you and your family–get easily prepared for this winter!

With hundreds of Generator installations complete in Fairfield County we are ready for winter. We continue to install and service both automatic standby and portables.

Lucci Electric can be reached at 203-762-7013 or online.