We wanted to start the week on a positive note. There’s no better way to do that then find a collection of GOOD, uplifting Wilton stories from this past week.

5th Grader’s Solo Concerto Lifts Spirits

Meet Spencer Smith, a 5th grader with an extraordinary talent on the violin. When Wilton business owner Kathy Helms put out a call for volunteers to sing or play music for seniors who are housebound due to COVID-19 fears, Spencer answered the call. He gave a solo concert for one lucky resident at the Station Place apartments on Station Rd., who was thrilled. “Thank you so much!” she exclaimed after Spencer finished one piece. “Nothing brings me more to tears than music–happiness and music.”

St. Matthew’s Offers ‘Sweet’ Thanks to Wilton Supermarket and Healthcare Heroes

The parishioners at St. Matthew’s, Wilton wanted to send a message to some frontline heroes, so they came up with a very ‘sweet’ way. Here’s what they wrote:

“[We] are so grateful for all the ways that our healthcare workers and grocery workers are keeping our community safe and cared for. Thank you! Out of a desire to show our thanks, and with the help of the Painted Cookie, we delivered cookies for the staff at the Village Market and Stop & Shop to enjoy. With the help of Ice Cream Emergency, we gave ice cream to the whole staff at Danbury Hospital at the end of their special Easter dinner. And we were delighted to send dinner from Testo’s to the ICU and ER departments of St. Vincent’s Hospital.”

Rev. Marissa Rohrbach, St. Matthew’s rector, says the effort stems from the congregation seeing itself as a neighborhood church. “[That] means we care tremendously for the people who live around us and for the many towns and neighborhoods that make up our community. And we are so grateful for everyone who’s on the front lines in this time. This is just a small way of showing our gratitude to all the people who continue to support the life of our whole community. God bless you. We are praying for you.”

The Mission Team and members of St. Matthew’s want the community to know they stand ready to assist anyone who needs help. “Please be in touch via the contact form on our website if you need something. Let us know how we can pray for you. And know that you are not alone,” they wrote, adding, “Thank you to all who continue to venture out, to everyone who works in our grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics, as well as all our mail and delivery people.”

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Wilton 4th Grader’s Poem

Sadie Sherman is a 4th grader at Cider Mill with a big heart. She wrote this poem called “We Stand Together.”

We Stand Together

The tragic Virus has been spreading for weeks,
While families have been trapped inside their homes waiting for the Virus to
pass. Friends drifting apart and cousins trying to get in touch just to see a
New friendly face.
Every family is trying to get out of the house to see a new view
Teachers working hard for the kids to succeed
Everybody in our world is suffering from CoronaVirus,
We will all get through this together.

People all around the world are crumbling,
While nurses and doctors are fighting for us all.
Our leaders are guiding us the best they can to keep us safe and
Healthy through this pandemic.
All countries are struggling,
But we need to remember that we’re not alone
We need to continue to fight
Do not let this disease get the best of us

When people go to grocery stores to collect
Food for quarantine, all they see are masks instead of
Smiling faces.
When walking down the aisles, people turn away to respect
The distance
But it just creates a feeling of
Let’s work as a team to defeat this Virus.

Let’s stand together and remember
This is a moment in time that will pass
We will always cherish those we have lost
And never forget how we stood together as a team around the world
We will once again reunite as,
We will once again walk through town, Neighborhoods, Stores. And see smiling faces
With love towards each other.

Thank You Video from the Kids of 06897

Wilton resident Vivian Lee-Shiue collected submitted pictures from Wilton families of kids saying, “Thank you,” and compiled them into an adorable video.

Bright Spots on the Norwalk River Valley Trail

Wilton resident Anne Deware took a walk on the Norwalk River Valley Trail this weekend and was uplifted by some surprise treasures she found on her visit. “There are so many wonderful things being done in town I wanted you to see them! These painted rocks are along the NRVT and just so sweet and happy-making,” she wrote.

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  1. Congratulations Rev. Marissa Rohrbach. And that looks like Brian at the Village Market – he may be running the VM one day – exceptional worker like all during this crisis.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful “you’ve got a friend in me” video! As a Wilton mom and nurse, and having just recovered from the Covid 19 yesterday- it meant so much!!!❤️ Yes, we will get thru this together-

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