File this under the heading, How cool is this?!

PowerSchool Parent Portal has a SmartPhone app.

PowerSchool is the software system used by the schools to communicate with parents about grades, attendance, school events and weather-related delays or closures. Now that parents across the district are supposed to be using the PowerSchool system, GOOD Morning Wilton wants to make sure they know of all the ways to make it easier to use, including the mobile device app. PowerSchool is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android, as the Wilton School district has enabled mobile use for the program.

Note that you must have a username and password assigned to you by your child’s school and you must have already enabled it in order to connect on a mobile device. 

This past week, the schools alerted parents of all Wilton students that they have replaced the AlertNow system with a new alert and notification system called PowerAnnouncement, which can now be seen when you log into PowerSchool. The schools plan to use this system to notify parents of closures and delays by the method of choice set by parents in the settings of PowerSchool.

According to the schools, “PowerAnnouncement allows you to maintain your own contact numbers and email contacts for important messages from the schools.  You may receive messages by email, by phone or by text. Please follow the directions to manage your contact information if you would like to be contacted by our system.” 

Parents are encouraged to contact their children’s schools if they have not set up their Parent Portal account yet. To find the app, visit the app store of your SmartPhone.