Wilton High School

Almost immediately after Dr. Gary Richards announced his planned end-of-year retirement, in an Aug. 8 press release shortly before the 2013-14 school year started, the Board of Education began planning how to find his successor. The BoE members created a Superintendent’s Search Committee earlier this month and have now narrowed their decision on headhunters to two firms which they will interview this week. According to BoE chair Bruce Likly, the Search Committee anticipates making a decision on the firm within the next week or so.

In addition, the committee has begun to organize focus groups “to gain insights and perspectives early on in the process.” Focus groups with parents who have been chosen by the committee will be held this week as well.

In anticipation of this process, GOOD Morning Wilton would like to know what YOU think is important for the Board of Education and the search committee to consider in evaluating candidates to become the next Superintendent of Wilton Public Schools. What qualities do you think are important in the next person selected to chart the next phase of our town’s school system? And what interview questions would you ask if you had the chance to interview the potential superintendent?

While this is not an official survey, the Board of Education is paying attention. They’ve let us know they’re very interested to hear what the public at large has to say, so here’s your chance to let them know what’s important to you and your families. You can post your thoughts below in the comments or on our GOOD Morning Wilton Facebook page.