Real Estate Week: 12 Properties Sold, Only 1 Above $1M

Each week the Wilton town clerk’s office distributes information on all properties bought and sold in Wilton during the prior week. For the period of July 15-21, there were 12 properties that changed hands. The property transfers were, including address, sale price and photo:

  • Turn Josefsen sold 54 Moriarity Dr. to Stephen Panico and Vanessa Putnoky for $487,500.

  • Helen Stauderman sold 30 Timber Top Trail to Gavin and Fabiana von Loeser for $582,500.

30 timber top trail

  • Andrew and Karen Keasler sold 5 Boas Ln. to Robert and Lauren Flemming for $790,000.

5 boas ln.

  • The Joy Nuckols Estate sold 81 Old Highway to Evan and Ioanna Philippopoulos, and to George and Sophia Ananiadis for $595,000.

81 old highway

  • Anne Oliver sold 96 Musket Ridge Rd. to Brad and Heather Salvatore for $764,500.

96 musket ridge rd

  • Christine Brown sold 20 Old Lantern Dr. to Ryan and Carol Faherty for $865,000.

20 old lantern dr.

  • David and Marcia Crampton sold 18 Lee Allen Ln. to Ryan and Jennifer Bendl for $1,300,000.

18 lee allen lane

  • Ralph and Joan Izzi sold 92 Buckingham Ridge Rd. to Frederick and Lauren Day for $785,000.

92 buckingham ridge rd

  • Geppino and Ruth Cardiello sold 174 Pimpewaug Rd. to Matthew and Tammy Thornton for $640,000.

174 pimpewaug rd

  • Sharon and Dean Johanson sold 181 Deer Run Rd. to Sarah and John Delia for $744,000.

181 deer run rd

  • The David Borglum Trust sold 57 Borglum Rd. to Quantical LLC for $262,500.

57-59 borglum rd.

  • David Borglum sold 59 Borglum Rd. to Quantical LLC for $262,500. (vacant land, see photo above)