On Wednesday, April 3, First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice joined the Wilton High School varsity softball team and representatives of the Wilton Baseball and Softball Association (WBSA) for a ribbon cutting to officially open the varsity softball field that was revitalized by the WBSA during the off-season.

Dom Rauccio, WBSA president, listed the several improvements made to the ball-playing facilities around Wilton by the organization, “…to benefit our youth players and the Wilton community:

  • “In November, the WBSA completely renovated the varsity softball field with a new high performance playing dirt infield, grass skirt, and new bases. This improvement will also be enjoyed by the many adult leagues that share use of this diamond.
  • “Also in November we designed and purchased a new monogramed windscreen for the varsity baseball field with Wilton’s championship records proudly and prominently placed for easy viewing and with room to grow for future titles. The windscreen will be installed and ready for viewing this spring prior to baseball’s opener and will help create the feeling of a true home field.
  • “New tarps and rollers to protect the varsity baseball pitcher’s mound and home plate were delivered to the high school in March.
  • “The youth softball program started using a new batting cage at the Middlebrook youth softball field this fall.
  • “A secondary scoreboard controller has been acquired for the Legion teams to use at the varsity baseball field for the 2019 summer season.
  • “Finally, while watching some baseball/softball games, enjoy the new bleachers purchased at the Wilton High School junior varsity softball and freshman baseball fields.”

He added, “Our heartfelt thanks to the donors, volunteers and board members who made these projects possible and we look forward to future projects/improvements in 2019 for our favorite pastime and community.”