Last year Adam Keller and his boyfriend Jared Marinelli became internet sensations when Adam choreographed the perfect flash mob wedding proposal. As indoor cycling instructors at JoyRide’s spin studios, Adam was able to convince Jared that it was being filmed for their studio’s new marketing promotion. Little did Jared realize that HooplaHa, the “Only Good News” digital brand, was recording Adam’s sensational proposal.

Jared immediately said yes and they both became a ‘Joy Story’ after the video went viral–getting 14 million hits worldwide. The couple received an outpouring of love and emotion from the LGBTQ and straight communities alike, and the video’s response led HooplaHa to develop and produce a digital series following Adam & Jared as they planned the ultimate wedding of the year.

Fast-forward to September 2017 and both Adam and Jared (#TeamJadam) have finally reached the next chapter of their story–married life! They were married on Saturday, Sept. 9, and HooplaHa-Only Good News was there to capture their joy, HooplaHa will release the wedding video today, Wednesday, Sept. 27. Find out first-hand what the future holds for them and their plans to inspire and help young adults who face challenges, hope for change but don’t yet have the loving support network they need. Fans can watch online.

The normally exciting but stressful road from proposal to wedding was made more so with the pressures brought on by the political tide turning against the civil rights won by the LGBTQ community. In addition, the fight to repeal the Affordable Care Act left Adam & Jared worrying about the access and affordability of the meds they need to live healthy lives. Jared is HIV positive and Adam, who is negative, is currently on PrEP–a combination of medicines that HIV negative people can take to prevent the spread of the virus.

“We went from being showered with love and support from around the world to having to think seriously about a Plan B if laws were passed that would shut down our marriage” said Jared. “And this hung over us all the while we were working three jobs a day putting every paycheck towards paying for the wedding that we were planning and executing ourselves” added Adam.

It turned out they were not alone. The community around Adam and Jared–LGBTQ and straight alike–came through not just with love and moral support but also with action. From the gorgeous outdoor wedding site; to the elegant signs, centerpieces and beautiful floral arrangements; to the first-ever-wedding DJ; to their Marriage Officiant; friends and family came through in a way Adam and Jared could never have imagined.

“We never could have pulled this off by ourselves,” said Adam through tears. And although the effort was out of love, nearly all their friends and family sensed they were serving a higher purpose than just throwing a great wedding.

Rob Hess, executive producer for HooplaHa–Only Good News, knew this was much more than a love story.

“The love Adam and Jared have for each other is reflected in how the community came together for them. But we have ridden the emotional roller coaster with Adam and Jared for over a year now and also saw their story as one of perseverance and hope. We hope the series and now their wedding video captures all these emotions.”

Wedding Video Part 1 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 27, and Wedding Video Part 2 premieres Thursday, Sept. 28.–ONLY GOOD NEWS is a digital media company and content production studio built around the good that people are committed to in the world. HooplaHa develops, produces and distributes high quality videos focused on telling powerful, positive stories that engage, inspire, and compel. HooplaHa, with monthly video views of over 10 million, is known as the antidote to all the bad news in the world, and has been named to a variety of “best of the web” lists, including The Huffington Post’s top 10 Happiness Web sites. The company, founded in Wilton in 2012, has produced over 850 high quality, short-form timeless videos all under the “ONLY GOOD NEWS” banner. HooplaHa is now headquartered in Norwalk.

The 16 Episode Joy Story Series features Adam & Jared as they planned their wedding:

  1. Pilot – Flash Mob Wedding Proposal
  2. After the Flash Mob Proposal – How We Pulled It Off
  3. After the Flash Mob Proposal – The Offers Came Flooding In!
  4. We Hit a Bump in the Road… and Almost Broke Up
  5. Our Christmas Tree
  6. A&J News Year’s Resolutions for Health and Fitness
  7. Meet the Wedding Party
  8. Check Out Our Wedding Venue and Meet the Owner
  9. The Wedding Budget
  10. Adams Journey to Good Health
  11. The Save The Date and Wedding Invitations
  12. Meet the Caterer
  13. Meet the Photographer
  14. Our Wedding Shower
  15. The Jack & Jack Bachelor Party