Parents of students in the Wilton Public Schools will have a unique opportunity to meet and hear from Dr. Yeap Ban Har, a preeminent expert on Singapore Math on the evening of Thursday, Aug. 25 at 7 p.m. in the Wilton High School Little Theater, at a program called, “Parent Math Night:  Math Learning and Problem Solving.”

Yeap, who has been called “the Michael Jordan of Singapore Math,” is best known in the United States for his work with school districts and teachers to implement and support the use of Singapore Math instruction in many schools. He brings this approach to teaching mathematics alive, discussing how it “emphasizes not just knowing how but also knowing why.” According to one high school math teacher, “Ban Har’s workshops are transformational!”

The instructional method of teaching math used in Wilton’s district, Singapore Math utilizes a highly research-based, three pronged approach to mathematics instruction, known as Concrete (using materials and manipulative), Pictorial (Bar Modeling to visualize problem solving) and Abstract, or “CPA.” Student learning is based on teaching conceptual understanding, not memorizing algorithms.

As part of Wilton’s commitment to continuing professional development for the district’s educators, Yeap is leading two days of workshops for K-12 teachers in addition to the presentation for parents. His work with Wilton K-12 teachers is focused on making problem solving the core of our mathematics instruction throughout the district. Students with solid independent problem solving skills are college and career ready and are prepared to embrace the 21st century challenges they will face.

Yeap taught at National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore for more than ten years. Presently, he holds two concurrent positions as the director of curriculum and professional development at Pathlight School, an autism-oriented K-10 school in Singapore, and the principal of Marshall Cavendish Institute, a global teacher professional development institute.