Construction on the Miller-Driscoll renovation project is difficult to see from the front of the building or from Wolfpit Rd., the nearest roadway that passes by the school. But now, one Wilton resident has found a way to get a glimpse of the largest construction project in town.

Wilton High School senior Drew Gumins flew a camera drone above the construction site this past Saturday, March 19, and he captured some amazing footage. The video clip shows the vast expanse of the footprint of the building’s foundation as well as the entire property. It also give the viewer a sense of how well separated the construction area is from the front of the school, which is still an active school location. From the front, it looks like nothing is unkempt, disturbed or out of place, with grass-covered fields sitting by a typical schoolyard, while in the back things are in full-on construction site mode, with mountains of dirt, construction vehicles, cement and steel beams amidst the ordered chaos.

Gumins said he plans to shoot periodic updates as construction progresses.