At last night’s Board of Selectmen meeting (Monday, March 7), first selectman Lynne Vanderslice mentioned that a group of Wilton residents may possibly be organizing an effort locate a dog park in town.

Vanderslice included the tidbit in first selectman’s report, noting that she met with Malcolm Whyte, the chair of the Council on Public Facilities, a town board that has been dormant for two years, but, said Vanderslice, “It may be time to reactivate that committee.”

“There were some good reasons, there are some things coming down the road, including a group of people looking to do a dog park. That’s something that would run through the council on public facilities,” she said.

The members of the committee are still considered active, so Vanderslice will be getting in touch with them.

Complaints About Non-Conforming Signs

Vanderslice said she’d received a “number of complaints” about non-conforming signs, “including blinking neon signs, banners that have been up, A-frames, lawn signs, that have been left up even though they’re temporary,” she said.

Wilton’s zoning enforcement officer Tim Bunting will be following up with non-compliant businesses. While Bunting initially will only issue warnings and not give out fines, (unless there’s an ongoing past issue), it’s something Vanderslice wants businesses to take seriously.

“I want businesses to know this is going to be happening, and to get the word out there,” Vanderslice said.

Of note, the selectmen mentioned there are several businesses in Wilton’s town center that are committing obvious violations against town signage ordinances, most notably with neon signs. Without mentioning specific names of businesses, selectman Michael Kaelin stated that one such business is likely “losing business” because of the nonconforming signage.