Meghan Wall (left) found the next owner of her beloved Wilton ice cream shop Scoops in friend Laura Wheatley — both of whom grew up in Wilton. Credit: GOOD Morning Wilton

After 14 years of ownership at Scoops, Meghan Wall is “passing the scoop” to a new set of hands. For Wall, Scoops was more than just a business; it was a cherished part of her life that she had grown up with. As she reminisced about her time the beloved ice cream shop, Wall shared her journey, which started long before her career as an owner.

“I’ve been in town since I was five. My family has always been here,” she explained. “My family has always been here, and my husband moved here during eighth grade. Scoops itself has been a part of the town since 1982, and it was intertwined with my life from a young age. All my friends worked there, and I would often visit to get ice cream and candy.”

Wall’s connection to Scoops had grown over the years, and one fateful day 15 years ago, the universe seemed to conspire in her favor. She visited the shop just before Christmas, and that’s when she met Susan Humphreys, the owner at the time.

“I had gone in, I think, like two days before Christmas to pick up candy for my kids,” Wall recounted,” and Susan said, ‘How would you like to own your own business?’ I was all over the place with excitement. My mother-in-law used to own Wall Flowers, a florist in town, and she thought that my family should continue the tradition by buying Scoops.”

After discussing the idea with her husband, Kevin, they decided to take the plunge. In 2009, they became the proud owners of Scoops, embarking on a 14-year adventure. 

Their time as owners was marked by a deep connection with the community, especially the high school kids who became an integral part of Scoops’ family. “I really loved getting to know the high school kids because they were always part of the business. It was fun to see the years ahead of us, what our kids would be like,” Wall explained.

She recalled receiving dozens of letters and notes from high school workers after graduation, explaining their love for Scoops and the friendships and memories they made together over the years.

As Wall’s children grew up, they too became part of the Scoops family. Her middle daughter had a brilliant idea during the COVID-19 pandemic — ice cream delivery. The family worked together to pack and deliver pints of ice cream throughout the town, a venture that unexpectedly took off and kept the business afloat during challenging times.

When COVID hit, Wall faced the challenge of juggling her responsibilities at Scoops with her job as a realtor at Berkshire Hathaway. As her children grew older and the pandemic reshaped their lives, Meghan and Kevin realized that it might be time to pass on the Scoops legacy to someone else.

“We had originally planned on it for 10 years,” she said, but the pandemic had changed the equation. It was time for a new chapter.

Carrying On the Scoops Legacy

The Walls put Scoops on the market but didn’t want to see the business transformed into something unrecognizable. They hoped for someone who would love it as much as they did to carry on its legacy.

Enter Laura Wheatley (Marino), Meaghan’s childhood friend and a resident of nearby Easton. Wheatley had reconnected with Meghan’s father, who had recently experienced health complications and was in cardiac rehab, under her care as a cardiac exercise physiologist. As the two women caught up, Wheatley expressed interest in a career change, leading to an emotional phone call that sealed the deal. 

Wheatley’s decision to purchase Scoops brought joy and relief to the Walls. They were confident that their beloved ice cream shop was in good hands. “She was excited about the opportunity, and I was excited for her,” Meghan said. “I just wanted her to be happy and to see Scoops continue thriving.”

Wheatley officially took over Scoops in September, and Wall has been helping her transition into the role. “We’re still working with her, helping her get acclimated to everything,” Wall said. “I just want her to succeed and for the town to embrace her as the new owner.”

For her part, Wheatley said she hopes to preserve the shop’s original charm while adding her own personal touch. “So it’s been established since 1982. It’s really been the same, which is why people come back here. I want to just give another spark to it. And you know, maybe someday there will be another Scoops. I’d love to have a second one somewhere,” she said.

Some upcoming events Wheatley is hoping to highlight include Breast Cancer Awareness Month by selling pink candy, along with the annual Wilton Pumpkin Parade on Saturday, Oct. 28, where guests can stop by for seasonal treats and festivities. 

Scoops invites the public to come grab a cone and meet both Meghan Wall and Laura Wheatley (Marino) on Sunday, Oct. 22 from 3-5 p.m. for the soft launch of Scoops’ new ownership.

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  1. Hey Meg/Kevin, Thanks for preserving the Scoops tradition and best of luck to Laura – we’ll look forward to seeing you at the shop!

    1. SO happy for you both and can’t wait to stop by for some great scoop treats for my clients to savor!

  2. I loved Scoops for a long time, but sadly had to stop patronizing in recent years because my senior budget found the shop’s prices a bit too high. However, I certainly wish the new owner the very best success in her new venture and adventure!

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