The following was compiled from a press release.

Wilton Democrats broke in their new headquarters at 300 Danbury Rd. over the weekend, first hosting a grand opening on Friday evening, and then welcoming U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy on Sunday.

Murphy, running for a second term in the U. S. Senate, later led a canvassing effort with local candidates Ross Tartell (candidate for State House, 125th District), Stephanie Thomas (candidate for State House,143rd District), Will Haskell (candidate for State Senate, 26th District) and Doug Stern (candidate for Judge of Probate).

“These are all winnable seats,” Murphy told a packed gathering on Sunday. Murphy said Wilton was one of the top five towns with the highest percentage of “persuadable” voters, voters who had, in previous elections, split their tickets and could be won if over if Democrats make their case. “This is a fair-minded town. Voters weigh both sides. There are plenty of people in Wilton who have voted Republican in the past, even voted consistently Republican, who are watching what’s happening right now in Washington and thinking it’s time for them to change. So there are more persuadable voters than ever before. But it means we have a lot of work to do. ”

Murphy also endorsed all four of his fellow candidates.