Wilton is a town governed and led by volunteers. Other than the elected boards (Selectmen, Finance, Education, Planning & Zoning, and Zoning Board of Appeals), the 30 other various boards, committees and commissions are filled with volunteers who are appointed by town officials. Together, all of these groups make sure the town keeps moving forward, making it crystal clear just how important it is for people to step forward and give of their time.

Open spots are filled by the Board of Selectmen, the town’s appointing authority. To be considered, residents who are registered with a political party must start the process by submitting their names to their respective town committee–Democrats through the Democratic Town Committee and Republicans through the Republican Town Committee. Residents who are unaffiliated or members of another party can apply either by contacting one of the town committees or by petitioning to apply and submitting 25 petition signatures to the Board of Selectmen. Petition candidates also need to fill out an application and email it to the Board of Selectmen.

There are several positions that are currently vacant (according to a list provided by the first selectwoman’s office):

Building Inspectors Board of Appeals:   2 vacancies (candidates must have five years experience in building design, building construction or supervision of building construction)

Economic Development:  3 vacancies (two applications recently received)

Parks and Recreation:  1 vacancy (as of mid-September) (one application recently received)

Energy Commission:  1 vacancy (no applications received)

Historic District Commission:  1 vacancy (no applications received)

Inland Wetlands Commission:  2 vacancies (two applications received)

Water Pollution Control Authority:  2 vacancies (candidates with engineering or waste management experience are preferred)  (two applications received)

Tree Committee of the Conservation Commission:  1 vacancy (apply directly to Conservation Commission)

Deer Committee of the Conservation Commission:  1 vacancy (apply directly to Conservation Commission)

More information is available on the town’s website.