No Peddling Allowed in Wilton?

The Board of Selectmen is considering a proposed change to the town’s door-to-door solicitation and peddling ordinance. In order to change the ordinance, the Board will need to bring it to town residents for a referendum. The selectmen are considering whether or not to eliminate all forms of door-to-door solicitation and peddling. They will continue the debate at their next meeting on March 18.

As part of their considerations, they will discuss potential exemptions from any prohibition, including non-profit organizations. They are expected to debate whether to allow all non-profits to go door-to-door (for example, Save the Sound, or the Norwalk River Watershed Association), to allow Wilton-only non-profits to solicit door-to-door (for example Girl Scouts), or whether to eliminate all solicitation completely, including Wilton non-profit organizations. Religious organizations cannot be prohibited as part of the ordinance, however.

Any ordinance change would then have to be considered at a public hearing, held no later than April 15, and then it will be included as a question during the Annual Town Meeting and Vote in May.

Tell us what you think! Board of Selectmen members are listening and eager to hear what residents think–they even suggested we run a poll in GOOD Morning Wilton to find out what readers thought.

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Only one vote per person allowed.

Editor’s note:  this poll is not intended to be scientific or a representation of all Wilton residents.