Residents had many reasons to enjoy Wilton center over the weekend: splendid weather, recent publicity about the upcoming Shop Wilton Week, and the limitations on indoor activities from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Wilton resident David Goldman added one more reason to the list: a wonderful amusement he created along the sidewalk opposite the Stop & Shop plaza, near the entrance to Schenck’s Island.

Goldman used sidewalk chalk to create a path for revelers to follow, hop, and trot along, as well as areas to spin and balance. The route also included a maze (“Amaze”), and ended with a little Warrior pride.

A Wilton resident since 2006, Goldman has created these sidewalk-scapes on several previous occasions this year. He first undertook the project in April, with young children in mind. While his own kids (now in seventh and ninth grade) are past the age he thought might enjoy it, he sympathized with young children and their parents struggling with the difficulties imposed by the pandemic.

“I knew people would be out walking around. I thought this would be a pick-me-up for little kids,” said Goldman.

Over time, Goldman was pleasantly surprised to observe adults and older people who seemed to be enjoying it as much as–or even more than–the children.

Goldman created new projects in May, June (with a Father’s Day theme), and July (with a summer theme). Though they had some common elements, no two projects were the same.

Goldman does not consider himself as a street artist. Although he feels he has a creative side, he works in finance. The pandemic has not changed his job.

“I do [the sidewalk art] to get out. It’s a break from work for me. It’s a peaceful couple of hours. I can turn my mind off,” he said.

Initially, Goldman enjoyed doing the sidewalk project anonymously, with the personal satisfaction of knowing he brought some happiness to fellow residents during the challenges of the pandemic. Some of the regular walkers in town began to recognize him from his previous works, often expressing appreciation or encouragement as they passed by.

“It was fun to do anonymously, but now I’m happy to let people know what I’m doing,” he said. “I see a lot of the same people when I’m working on it. I see people get jazzed up.”

In his latest work, part of Goldman’s message is that we are “better together.” Indeed, the sidewalk is inspiring people to take up similar projects on their own driveways or sidewalks, or at their schools.

As he reflected on the project, Goldman said, “I’m just trying to bring some joy to a town I love in a time when smiles haven’t been easy to come by.”

Goldman says he is not on social media like Facebook or Instagram. GOOD Morning Wilton hopes our readers will leave comments below that he can see here!

12 replies on “Sidewalk Chalk Art Delights Pedestrians in Wilton Center”

  1. Thanks David Goldman for your street art. This “kid” enjoyed it. Best hopscotch I’ve ever seen!

  2. Thank you for putting a smile on our faces in the morning! I see your artistry on my morning run – well done!!

  3. Thanks for sharing something positive, light hearted, and fun that our wonderful town could enjoy on such a beautiful day!

  4. You bring a smile every time I pass by. Your Hopscotch brings back many fond childhood memories. Thank you for the delight you bring to Wilton❣️

  5. I LOVE imagination… creativeness… and art!!! Thanks so much for putting a broad, broad smile on my face… a skip in my step… and a spark in my art-loving heart!!! Thanks David for donating your time to to distract my mind — even for just a little bit — from this isolating and disconnecting Covid-period in time.

  6. I have so enjoyed your sidewalk art, love the positive sentiments! Thank you for taking the time and showing your care for our wonderful Wilton community!

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