A wonderful evening of amusement and entertainment is planned for this Saturday evening, March 19 at 7 p.m. when silent movies return to Cannon Grange Hall. A double feature is slated featuring the hilarious duo of Laurel & Hardy in Putting Pants on Philip and the “queen of silent movies,” Mary Pickford in the title role Little Annie Rooney. Both features will be accompanied by live piano music performed by John Mucci, film historian and member of Cannon Grange. Mucci notes that the two movies together are a real treat combining both comedy and drama.

Little Annie Rooney, which is based on the 19th century music-hall song, was one of Mary Pickford’s most successful films. She wrote it herself, knowing that her audience wanted to see her portrayed as a feisty young woman who could fight with the best of them, and even win the day overcoming any obstacle. She plays Annie Rooney, a New York City tenement kid on the Bowery whose father is a cop and whose brother wants to be a cop. While there are plenty of street skirmishes among the kids in the neighborhood, their elder siblings are in “real” gangs, and poor Annie has the bad luck to fall in love with one the gangsters. She’s a tough girl who can take care of herself, but faces real danger when the real gangsters come after her! Laced with comedy, the story turns serious when the man she loves is accused of killing her father, and Annie has to try clearing his name. The climax of the film is hilarious yet heartbreaking all at once.

Tickets may be purchased at the door, at $6 per person. Free parking is available at the Grange Hall and across Cannon Rd. at the Railroad Station lot. There is a marked crosswalk in front of the Grange Hall. Refreshments will be available prior to the movies and during intermission. The evening is appealing to young children, teenagers and adults. Mucci will be playing an original score of Irish melodies on the Grange’s 1903 upright piano.

For further information, please visit the Cannon Grange website, or reach out via email or phone at 203.762.1900.