SPECIAL REPORT–Anonymous Letter Raises Wilton School Concerns

A little over one week ago, GOOD Morning Wilton received an anonymous letter in the mail, unsigned but purportedly written by a Wilton teacher. The letter was a four-page, single-spaced missive that raised concerns about several aspects of the Wilton School district, and leveled some pointed criticism at superintendent Dr. Kevin Smith and assistant superintendent Dr. Chuck Smith.

The letter is critical of several aspects of the Wilton school district, most notably changes to curriculum, teaching practices and new initiatives introduced by the school administration. It was mailed to just a handful of recipients, but in the last week, it has spread virally by email and social media. Several readers contacted us to ask if we’d seen the letter, and many emailed it to us as well.

GMW has put together a multi-part Special Report today about the letter’s contents. We tried to speak with the major players involved in the situation to hear as many sides of the story as possible. We spoke with Kevin Smith and Bruce Likly, the chair of the Board of Education, and have published our interviews with each of them.

We also tried to give more teachers the opportunity to express their thoughts, believing that while the letter itself was certainly the start to the story, Wilton deserved to hear from more teachers and get a fuller picture, rather than let just one letter stand for the more than 300 educators in the district. We allowed teachers to speak anonymously if they chose in the hopes that as many as possible would feel comfortable coming forward, and all of them chose to withhold their names and school where they worked. In all, we heard from more than a dozen Wilton teachers.

Below is the letter that set off the ripple effect. (click on each image to enlarge)






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