BREAKING NEWS, Monday, Feb. 6, 3 pm.–Flyers with a white supremacist message that have appeared elsewhere in Fairfield County have now shown up in Wilton. One resident, upset to find the flyer on her driveway this morning, alerted GOOD Morning Wilton that her family had discovered it. That was followed by reports of at least one other identical flyer being left at a different Wilton residence.

The reader who notified GMW noted that the flyer was very deliberate placed, and didn’t seem to be just randomly tossed onto her driveway. It had been enclosed in a plastic protective sleeve that also contained small pebbles to weight down the flyer and prevent it from blowing away. The plastic sleeve was also stapled shut.

She and her husband were unnerved to have found the flyer, and said they were going to report it and bring it to Wilton Police. We have chosen to withhold her identity and location, as she doesn’t want to be identified publicly.

“This was very upsetting and we don’t want to be associated with that kind of message,” she says.

In addition to the racist message, the flyer also lists a website. GMW is also opting to mask the website so as not to give the person or group behind the message any additional publicity. The website is registered to a person identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an “alt-right” extremist, and someone promoting the white nationalist movement.

Other media outlets have reported similar flyers being found in Norwalk this morning.

Wilton Police have received reports of the flyers, and say it’s an open investigation at this point. According to public information officer Lt. Rob Cipolla, “Officers proactively located some of the flyers prior to the actual residents after being notified by neighboring jurisdictions of similar activity and then checking the area.”

Anyone with any further information about the flyers or who has received one is asked to call the Wilton Police Department.