The first official week (June 26-July 2) of summer is looking to be pretty nice, although there will be a bit of a refreshing cool down early in the week then storms may follow by the weekend.

Monday, June 26:   Monday is going to be a picture perfect day to kick off the new week, with temperatures slightly below average in the upper 70s. The mostly sunny skies will be in place as well as the low humidity, so a gorgeous early-summer day looks to be ahead.

Tuesday, June 27:  Then on Tuesday, temperatures will continue to cool down into the mid 70s as the peak of the cool air moves in from Canada. In the morning, it will be nice and sunny, but then in the afternoon there is the chance for a few showers and thunderstorms.

Wednesday, June 28:  High pressure with sinking air will briefly move overhead on Wednesday, leading to mostly sunny skies and a slight uptick in the temperatures. This will be a great day to be at the pool or the beach as it will be dry and warm.

Thursday, June 29:  On Thursday, I think it will still stay dry but there is still the slight chance for a thunderstorm. The storms and the moisture will stay to the north of us, however. Otherwise you can expect a mix of sun and clouds with a high of 81 degrees.

Friday, June 30:  By the time Friday comes calling, there will be a significant increase in the humidity. Dew points will near 70 degrees, which indicates a sticky and uncomfortable air mass. It will also be hot with a high getting into the mid 80s. That heat and humidity may fuel an isolated thunderstorm, but the majority of the day should remain dry.

Saturday, July 1:  This coming weekend overall isn’t looking too bad, but it won’t be as nice as the previous one we just had. Saturday should be a pretty nice day, featuring partly cloudy skies and high humidity. There may be another pop-up, isolated thunderstorm, though.

Sunday, July 2:  Very similar conditions will stay in place on Sunday with that summer-like, spotty storm possible. There’s no need to cancel outdoor plans because most, if not all, of the day will be dry and beautiful.

Jackson Dill is a Wilton High School rising senior who started the website, Jackson’s Weather. His 7-day forecast will appear each Monday on GOOD Morning Wilton. Visit Jackson’s Weather to find out any changes in the forecast. You can also follow him on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram @JacksonsWeather for around-the-clock updates.