Summertime and the deals are closing, at least in Wilton real estate. Last week, 12 properties changed hands, according to information distributed weekly by the town clerk’s office. The deed transfers recorded June 24-30, 2016 were (including address, sale price and photo):

  • Design Home Builders, LLC sold a property on Orems Ln. to Richard Sinks and Christine Zarb for $680,000 (photo unavailable).
  • Jonathan and Karen Prescott sold 72 Longmeadows Rd. to Andrew and Michelle LaFiosca for $629,000.
72 longmeadows rd.
  • Henry and Nancy Ritacco sold 42 Fenwood Ln. to Thomas and Adela Gallagher for $633,000.
  • Laura Klauberg sold 315 Olmstead Hill Rd. to Cordell and Nichol Thomas for $590,000.
  • Adam and Sara Friedman sold 19 Lovers Ln. to David and Adrienne Schoetz for $1,098,750.
19 lovers ln
  • Joseph and Lynn Philbrick sold 151 Scarlet Oak Dr. to Paul Rehm and Kelly Cutler for $935,000.
115 scarlet oak dr
  • Judith Rin sold 160 Linden Tree Rd. to Hongbin Zhang and Victor Yuschuk for $680,000.
  • Michael and Deborah Shea sold 67 Old Kings Highway to Erik Schroeder and Alyson Nikulicz Schroeder for $801,000.
67 old kings highway
  • Thomas and Jennifer Allbee sold 15 Spicewood Ln. to John and Ann Roth for $1,025,000.
15 spicewood ln
  • John Paul sold 436 Danbury Rd. to Cannon House LLC for $2,000,000.
436 danbury rd. wide shot
  • Gary and Sheridan Richards sold 186 Kellogg Dr. to Michael Serink and Michelle Radmanovich for $950,000.
186 kellogg dr
  • Stephen Dryer and Stephanie Allgood sold 296 Belden Hill Rd. to Nicole Hughes for $391,500.
296 belden hill rd