Today at noon, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the President of the United States. Tomorrow, Saturday, Jan. 21, more than 400,000 people are expected to march in Washington, DC in the Women’s March on Washington, demonstrating peacefully on the first day of Trump’s presidency. In addition, similar “sister marches” are being organized in cities around the country, including New York City, Hartford, and more.

We asked readers who are attending any of the rallies to share with us about why they will march. Here are some of the reasons they provided:

“Women’s rights are human rights. We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us.”

“To show the Trump administration that women have a voice, that we will not be silenced on issues that are important to us.” 

“Opportunity to participate in a coordinated show of resistance. Bringing my daughter.” 

“In solidarity with women and feminists across the US and around the world.” 

“To demonstrate my support of women’s rights and my opposition to the Trump regime.”

“I want legislators, the new administration and all who work on public policy to know I will not sit back while women’s rights are stalled or rolled back. Defunding Planned Parenthood and threats to universal healthcare are specific moves by the current Congress that greatly threaten women. I want the Equal Rights Amendment finally passed. Women deserve better protection by the law in this country. We must stand up and ask for what we want. We will vote and fund too.”

“Women’s voices need to be heard by Congress and Trump” 

“For resisting the fact that women and our bodies do not matter. For love, equality and protecting our climate.”

“I am marching because I want *need* to stand up and be counted as one of the millions who are repulsed by the bigotry, racism, xenophobia, and misogyny which surrounds our incoming president like a toxic cloud. Moreover, I am standing up in opposition to any agenda that undermines women’s rights, or the rights of any marginalized populations, and I stand ready to resist any efforts to turn back our nation’s clock. I am also standing up to say that science is real, and that knowledge is earned by learning, not meme-ing, and that expertise is why we hire plumbers for pipes and dentists for cavities and not the other way around. And lastly, but most important, I am marching because I have three sons who I am teaching to be decent, kind, empathetic and honest. Not for one second do I ever want them to mistake our incoming president as an example of a man they should emulate. Furthermore, not for one second, do I ever want my boys to think that their mom didn’t stand up to be counted when it mattered.”

“To support women’s rights and all of us demonized by the incoming president.”

“To show President elect Trump and his constituents that there are a LOT of women he would piss off my revoking our rights to our own bodies.”

“Women’s and humans’ rights”

“To show my displeasure of the behavior and policies of Donald Trump.”

“To participate in an act of solidarity. To show the incoming administration that we will not be silent when fellow humans are not being treated with dignity and respect.”

“To show our new President that some of us feel strongly about civil rights, women’s rights, the environment, universal health and mostly creating a country that works for everyone.”

“I want the new administration to know that there are so many people, especially smart and passionate women, who are concerned about the future of our country. We won’t accept the tone or the policies of the incoming administration as our “new normal.” We want a tolerant society. I believe women’s rights are human rights. I believe that science is real and it is imperative to act now to protect our environment. I believe Black lives matter. I believe in fair and empathic immigration policies and that no person is “illegal.” I believe in adopting sensible gun control to address our epidemic of violence. I believe that people with diverse religious beliefs can live together peacefully if we practice respect and acceptance. Hate has never resulted in anything positive. I am marching in Washington to express my commitment to working to make this country stronger and better. Words matter. Actions matter more. Onward.”

“Because I feel the need to make my voice heard and I want my daughters (and son) to see that you need to stay vigilant and be willing to fight for what is right. I am disgusted and ashamed of our country that we are here decades past the original women’s movement fighting for the same things.”

“To show my support of woman and ALL human rights, to show my resistance to the Trump agenda, to show my daughters it is important to SHOW UP, and to experience solidarity with like minded people. And because it’s historically significant.”

“My daughter (senior at WHS) and I are going to march to ensure that the issues which are important to women everywhere are heard and that our new leadership does not turn back the hands of time. We support Planned Parenthood and the availability to women of all socio- economic backgrounds to receive healthcare at reasonable costs.”

“I disagree with Trump’s treatment of women and immigrants.”

“I am not a number on a piece of paper to be erased to fit an agenda. If you SEE me, it’ll be hard to erase me.”

“I believe in the rights of women, LGBTQ, blacks, Hispanics. I believe their rights will not be respected under the Trump administration.”

“To stand up to the racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic deplorable beliefs of Trump and his followers”

“For historically underrepresented groups to have a voice!”

“I think Trump is a feckless and morally corrupt person. He espouses personal beliefs and policies with which I strongly. However, it was a conversation with a conservative friend that was the catalyst for my decision. While discussing the election results and protests, they told me that the protests were being funded by George Soros. I was taken aback by their buy-in to what I believed was false news. I told them that people were really very angry and I realized that I was very angry. Angry enough to attend this rally and with ability to do so. So I’m going.”

“For my belief that women should have full say in their reproductive rightsThe Constitution, Facts, Freedom and Equality 4 all, Science, Journalism, Gun Safety, Health Care and Education ALL MATTER”

“To send a message that Trump cannot curtail our rights without a fight”

“Because I am a woman who came of age in the ’60s and I remember; because I have a daughter and granddaughters; because I am furious with the direction of my country!”

“I am marching as a statement of outrage at the administration of hate, fear, and disrespect that Donald Trump’s election represents. For my daughter, for my mother, for my friends, and for myself, I cannot stay silent.”

“To support the dignity and autonomy of women. To show legislators that we’re paying attention and that we vote.”