It’s the little things. The details. The almost-overlooked moment that catches you by surprise. These are the moments that can make all the difference in the world.

Today, GOOD Morning Wilton is launching a new column called “Thank GOODness!” It is intended to be a constant bright spot no matter what the headlines are elsewhere. Snippets of daily Wilton life that are uplifting, inspiring, humorous and joy-provoking, A place where readers can check in to be reminded of what makes Wilton the town we love.

The difference is, these moments are spotted by you. This column only works when all of you participate. We can’t feature these stories and moments unless you share them with us. It’s a diary of sorts, along the lines of The New York Times “Metropolitan Diary,” filled with GOOD moments and recollections. We’ve collected a couple entries to start it off and welcome your submissions by email to (Pictures are always welcome.)

Ripples from a Single Pebble

“Discovered these beautiful messages along the Norwalk River Valley Trail this afternoon while walking my dog. It was such a fun discovery!”  –Karen Seelert


Basket of GOODies

This adorable group of Wilton Daisies worked very hard to put together a Thanksgiving basket as part of the Wilton Social Service Thanksgiving basket drive. “The basket supplies a family of six (ours will probably feed 10) with an entire Thanksgiving meal, including fresh vegetables, all the dairy you need for baking/cooking, and a 15-pound turkey (a gift card, since it’s kind of difficult to include a huge bird in the basket). The girls made cards for the family and other decorations for our attempt at a table decoration/place cards. It also comes with a table cloth, napkins, candles, a roasting pan, etc.” –Amanda Mitchell