Zach Muraskin is currently an eighth grade student at Middlebrook School and the weatherman for The Middlebrook Times, the student-produced news website which launched earlier this year. He’s joining GOOD Morning Wilton as a contributor, providing a weekly weather forecast for Wilton every Monday. 

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The Week at a Glance (March 28-April 3):  A strong low pressure system is expected to bring rainy conditions for the start of the week along with elevated winds. The end of the week should bring yet another low pressure system that will likely bring even more rain. Meanwhile, a cold front situated further to the west is expected to sweep across the Northeast by Sunday, potentially delivering temperatures closer to that of Early March than April.   

Monday, March 28:  Moderate rain that will last through the mid afternoon will be accompanied by some temperatures still hovering in and around the lower 50’s.  

Tuesday, March 29:  Sunny skies and temperatures peaking in the lower 50’s along with high winds will make for dry and cool conditions for most of the day.  

Wednesday, March 30:  Clear skies associated with the back end of a large high pressure system will bring more temperatures in the lower 50’s, so not much change really in the middle of the week this time around.

Thursday, March 31:  An approaching strong low pressure system will bring in some clouds by the afternoon and rain by the evening.  Temperatures are likely to peak in the mid 60’s, so it won’t be a total loss of a day.  

Friday, April 1:  Precipitation will taper off by the afternoon, but not before bringing up to another half inch of rain to the area.  Again, with temperatures in the 60’s, things could be worse.  

Saturday, April 2:  Skies will continue to clear throughout the day with high temperatures lowering back into the mid 50’s.  

Sunday, April 3:  An approaching cold front will bring high temperatures back into the 40’s, along with some spotty (potentially mixed) precipitation.  As long as the ground temperature remains above freezing though, nothing much expected to come of it.