The Wilton community has counted on Marly’s for great food and great company since 2008. So, when the rumor mill kicked into full gear in late spring that the restaurant wouldn’t be renewing its lease when it came up in July, hearts sank all over town.

July 1 came and went and there was a collective sigh of relief as the restaurant remained open. But this past Sunday, there was a note in the door that Marly’s would be “closed for renovation,” and one couldn’t help but wonder…and worry a bit.

Owner Mike LeBeau sat down exclusively with GOOD Morning Wilton to set the record straight and thankfully, allay our fears.

“First of all, Marly’s is not closing. When we reopen on Friday, Aug. 24, we will still be Marly’s,” LeBeau says emphatically.

“We’ve had an incredible 10-year run. So, it was really just about taking a moment to pause and reflect and think about how can we dial it up a bit? How can we get people excited to come down and see us at 9 p.m., for example? While it’s clear we won’t be SoNo, we can certainly buzz it up a bit here in Wilton.”

And from that, the concept of Marly’s 2.o was born.

So, what’s exactly in store for customers this coming Friday?

“When we open our doors again, you’ll see we’ve done a fair amount of renovation and painting throughout the restaurant; we will have installed new multimedia and a new sound system; and we will have improved upon the outdoor area with more comfortable seating,” explains LeBeau.

There will also be new menus in both the dining room and the bar, an expanded cocktail list, and two more beers on tap.

“There’s going to be a lot of cool changes and I think our customers will both feel and appreciate a new vibe,” LeBeau adds.

Plus, there will be more time to enjoy this new vibe. Previously the restaurant only served lunch on the weekends for special occasions. Starting next weekend, customers will be able to visit Marly’s for lunch every Saturday and brunch every Sunday. Additionally, customers can count on the kitchen and bar staying open until 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. respectively, regardless of foot traffic.

“In the past, we would close down if it was a slow night,” explains LeBeau. “We’ve come to realize, this sends a confusing message to our customers. So, moving forward, we will be open during the hours we say we’ll be open. And, if there’s a crowd that’s enjoying the bar, we’re happy to stay open until 1:00 a.m., which is in accordance with the town’s alcohol rules.”

L-R: Owner Mike LeBeau, head bartender Gordon Abraham, Chef Marc Avery, manager Brittany Kotulsky, and assistant manager Patrick Fagin

Marly’s 2.0 will also feature some familiar faces in new roles. Chef Marc Avery who’s been with the restaurant for eight years is now part owner; Brittany Kotulsky, who’s worked as a waitress for five plus years is stepping into the role of restaurant manager; and Patrick Fagin who has also been at Marly’s for eight years and is renowned for “doing it all,” will take on the role of assistant manager.

Gordon Abraham joins Marly’s as head bartender. Abraham has previously worked at Dina’s (current site of Little Pub Wilton), Shore & Country Club in Norwalk, and Silver Springs Country Club in Ridgefield).

With all these exciting changes, will there be familiar traces of Marly’s 1.0?

“Most definitely,” says LeBeau.

Popular 5:30 p.m. movie nights on Sundays will remain on the schedule along with the restaurant’s long-standing history of giving back to the community. “I grew up in Wilton; this town is very dear to me. I want Marly’s to be a restaurant for the people of Wilton,” says LeBeau.

So, mark your calendars for 5 p.m., Friday, Aug. 24 and enjoy this second act of Marly’s!