Attorneys for both the town of Wilton and Sensible Wilton met for the first time at Stamford Superior Court yesterday, June 22, in the first step of the lawsuit the citizens’ group filed against the town.

Sensible Wilton’s lawsuit, filed June 1, asks the court to order a new town meeting on the Miller-Driscoll renovation project.

Yesterday’s meeting had two possible outcomes–either the parties would come to some sort of settlement, or a date would be set for both sides to present evidence. As expected, chances were slim-to-none for an agreement, and so an evidentiary hearing was scheduled for July 20.

“We continue to believe that [Sensible Wilton’s] action did not have merit. We’ve been retained by the town to advocate for the town’s position, which we think is correct. Everything was done according to law. We will be filing a motion to dismiss the case. The court will take that up and make a decision.” said Monte Frank, the attorney from Cohen and Wolf who is representing the town.

That motion to dismiss will be heard at the July 20 hearing, and it gets to the issue of whether or not Sensible Wilton has any standing to even proceed with the lawsuit.

Simon Reiff, the lawyer for Sensible Wilton, declined to comment due to the fact that there’s pending litigation.