Here’s some Annual Town Meeting and budget Vote news made by the Board of Selectmen at last night’s (April 3) meeting.

Extra Voting Hour

Based on requests from selectman Dick Dubow, the BoS voted to extend Saturday adjourned budget voting by one hour. So the coming Annual Town Meeting and Vote, which starts on Tuesday, May 2, from 7:30 p.m. (until the last resident votes) and resumes for adjourned voting on Saturday, May 6 will allow residents to vote on Saturday beginning at 8 a.m., rather than at 9 a.m..

The intention is to give families additional time to turn out for the vote. Anecdotally, some residents have said that family activities and sports have caused them to miss voting. Dubow and the other selectmen hope that this extra hour will give residents more time to head to the polls.

Restaurant Liquor Sales Regulation Change

Last night, the selectmen also approved putting a question on the ballot at the town meeting, regarding a proposed ordinance change extending the hours Wilton restaurants can sell liquor. Wilton’s current ordinance limits the hours restaurants can legally sell and serve alcohol, but since a recommendation was made by the Economic Development Commission to extend hours to the same as those spelled out in State ordinance, the town will now consider and vote on the change during the Annual Town Meeting and Vote.