Pinwheels were placed at the Merwin Meadows pond to deter geese from the area, after the birds' waste was blamed for an unsafe E. coli bacteria level closed the pond to swimming. It's since been reopened by town health officials. (photo: Town of Wilton)

Town of Wilton officials have announced they will reopen Merwin Meadows pond to swimming, after seeing results from testing the pond water on Wednesday, Aug. 3. A press release from First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice said the pond is “safe for swimming” and will reopen Friday, Aug. 5.

Wilton’s Health Director Barry Bogle closed the pond one week ago due to E. coli contamination. Vanderslice’s release said Bogle “continues to feel the E. coli contamination identified on [Friday, July 29] is the result of geese in the area.”

The town conducts routine, weekly testing of Merwin Meadows pond water.

Earlier this week, Merwin Meadows park staff installed 10 pinwheels on the pond’s beaches as an effort to deter geese. “The swirling pinwheels refract sunlight, acting as a humane means of scaring away the geese,” Vanderslice wrote.

Officials have asked residents to stay away from the pinwheels and refrain from touching them.