As Town of Wilton officials brace for the arrival of Tropical Storm Isaias on Tuesday and anticipate high winds and heavy rains, they reminded residents on Monday how the town will communicate with the community during emergency management situations.

The first line of communication will be through the Town’s E-Alert system facilitated through the Town of Wilton website. The community can subscribe to receive E-Alerts by visiting the Town of Wilton website and clicking on the “Subscribe to E-Alerts” link found under the “Residents” tab.  Be sure to check the box to receive “Urgent Alerts.”

At times the Town of Wilton will also use the Code RED Emergency Notification System for the distribution of recorded telephone messages from First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice and/or Wilton public safety departments. Messages are generally distributed when emergency conditions exist or to update residents regarding important information after significant storms. It would also be used if an emergency evacuation or shelter in place situation was necessary.

There are two ways that telephone numbers are added to the database:

  1. ONSolve, the company that owns the Code RED System has access to the published home telephone numbers in the community and includes them in Wilton’s emergency notification database.
  2. Residents can sign up online to receive the Code RED messages.

Residents should consider adding cell phone numbers of all family members to Code RED to ensure that emergency messages are received in the event they do not have a landline telephone, are not at home when the emergency message is distributed, do not have voicemail, and/or landline telephone service is disrupted.

Residents can follow @WiltonPoliceCT on Facebook or Twitter.

GOOD Morning Wilton will also post emergency notifications from the town. Sign up online for the GMW newsletter.