Monday, Nov. 7–In just one week from today, Turner Construction will turn over the completed new addition of Miller-Driscoll Elementary to the Wilton Public School District, as scheduled, on Monday, Nov. 14. Turner’s project manager, Michael Douyard, gave GOOD Morning Wilton a tour as the last of the finishing touches were being put on the building.

“It’s come a long way,” he says, as he walks through the paved parking lot and driveway that curves around the East side of the building, alongside the glass-, brick- and copper-walled exterior of what will eventually become the preschool entrance. There’s some landscaping and neat grassy areas that make the exteriors look just as polished as the clean, sleek and bright design inside makes the interiors look.

“It’s different than the last time you were here,” Douyard reflects. Indeed on the last tour through the new addition that he gave to the press, exposed metal beams and untiled floors were still plentiful, as were areas where sheetrock hadn’t been installed or paint applied.

Now, walls, floors, carpeting, fixtures, windows and doors are almost all completely installed and finished. The floor tiles mimic the same colors and patterns that were installed in the renovated sections of the original building now occupied by students. Colorful lockers line the walls waiting for student occupants.

The piece de resistance–the cafeteria–glows with the rainbow-colored panes of glass and the ceiling tiles covered in joyful student palm prints in colors matched to the windows.

Turner will begin moving furniture into the addition today. Classrooms sit waiting with clean floor coverings and brand new cabinets.

There are far fewer work crew members on site–Douyard says maybe 30-40 people are still at work, down from a high of around 200 over the summer. It’s much less noisy in the building with fewer contractors there as well as with newer mechanicals installed.

And of course, without students there yet. They’re scheduled to take up residence in the new wing after the Thanksgiving break when the district will move teachers into their new classrooms, and the new cafeteria comes online as well.

What Happens Next

Douyard is characteristically understated when he says, “It’s nice to have it done, but we’re already on to the next phase.”

Turner has actively turned its attention to the next phase of the project. Work will begin on two Driscoll pods between January and June of 2017, after Turner finishes doing demolition and abatement work on the Driscoll side of the school over the December holiday break. All that will be left after that for work over the summer is renovating one additional classroom pod and the administration offices. “We’re 65 percent done with the entire job now,” Douyard explains.

But for the immediate future, he’s looking forward to handing over the new addition to the district. He does say that he thinks the administration will like what they find, and just as importantly, so will residents. “The town will like what they get.”

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