As outlined in our Election Guide and Policies for Election2016, each political party/town committee was permitted to submit one op-ed on behalf of its slate of candidates, and/or platform, for publication today, Monday, Nov. 7. This op-ed was limited to no longer than 600 words. The deadline for submitting any slate/platform op-ed material was Wednesday, Nov. 2 at noon.

Specific for 2016: Given the national election’s contentious nature, GMW will NOT publish any written submissions that are negative about the presidential candidates and the national race. We welcome letters written in support of candidates and their platforms. With plenty of other places online and elsewhere to channel negative communication, we’d like to keep GMW free of such rhetoric.

On Tuesday, Nov. 8 there is an opportunity to make a critical choice for our future.  We have a responsibility to learn about the candidates and vote for who we feel will best serve our needs and values.

I am proud to advocate for all of our Democratic candidates, something many credible Republicans can’t bring themselves to do for theirs this year. Colin Powell, a former Secretary of State in a Republican Administration has said he is voting for Hillary Clinton because of her thoughtful competence and Donald Trump’s lack of experience, temperament, and his negative messages. President George H.W. Bush, and our former congressman Chris Shays are among many concerned Republicans supporting Clinton.

People have sought to discredit Hillary Clinton, but as always she is standing tall, demonstrating her resolve and strength in the face of challenge, just has she has for over thirty years.

Hillary Clinton is experienced.   “I can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as President of the United States of America,” said President Barack Obama.

An advocate for many important causes, Hillary Clinton has been a voice for women and children. She has dedicated herself to working on the most difficult, essential public issues for over thirty years (with tremendous stamina), and has a string of successes in important areas such as international diplomacy, healthcare, civil rights and military preparedness.

Richard Blumenthal was an assertive Attorney General taking the lead on many important cases. Now as our U.S. senator he is continuing to make an impact in a new setting. Sen. Blumenthal is a leader on common sense gun control and law enforcement; on veteran’s rights, on women’s rights, on our rights. We need to return him to Washington.

Jim Himes, as a former banker, has understanding and insights that will help the continued recovery from the recession; and he knows where to draw the line with our financial institutions. Congressman Himes is an independent thinker who does what is right for his constituents, even if it means sometimes not following party lines.

Carolanne Curry has experience in many areas but most relevant are the years she spent in the Connecticut Senate Majority office as the administrative assistant to the senate majority leader and senate president working on legislative research and constituent services.

Carole Young-Kleinfeld is a registrar extraordinaire. She has trained and assisted registrars all over Connecticut. She currently serves on the committee that is instituting the new training of registrars.

For those not accustomed to voting for a Democrat, please consider your vote carefully. The future of our country is at stake.

The author of this Op-Ed is Deborah McFadden, the chair of the Wilton Democratic Town Committee.