As of 2 p.m. on Election Day, Nov. 8, Wilton has seen 6,532 people cast their ballots at the polls. Out of a 12,516 eligible voters, that’s over 50-percent turnout already, with six more hours of voting remaining. What’s more, the town has received well over 1,000 absentee ballots, which registrars of voters say are being counted right now.

“We’ve been running at 89-percent turnout for presidential elections, I imagine we’ll get that much this year, if not more” says Republican registrar of voters Tina Gardner.

Registrars have also seen a high number of people who have registered today in order to vote, through Election Day Registration. As of 2 p.m., 82 people have had to register at Town Hall today to be able to cast their ballot.

Gardner says the good weather has definitely helped the turnout numbers. “We got a beautiful day, we couldn’t have asked for a more spectacular day. If you have a rainy day, people tend to not go,” she says, adding that there are several groups selling refreshments outside of the polls and there’s a lot going on at the polls as a result.

“Our main concern is that they don’t block access,” Gardner adds.

Activity started right from the get go, as one precinct reported that about 40 people were lined up when the polls opened at 6 a.m., and the line stretched out the door.

There have been some minor hitches that residents have let GOOD Morning Wilton know about.

  • This morning at Middlebrook (District 3) there were some voters who were handed ballots for District 2 (Cider Mill). When those ballots were run through the vote counting machine, they were rejected. Gardner said that inadvertently, some packages of District 2 ballots were delivered to the District 3 precinct. However, only 2-3 ballots were affected, and poll workers noticed right away, and those 2-3 voters were given the correct ballots and allowed to cast their correct ballots. “They had an equal exchange so it didn’t effect the people voting,” Gardner said.
  • GMW heard of some reports that the vote counting machine at the WHS District 1 precinct was jamming. Gardner said that was also being monitored and that no votes were affected or counted incorrectly. “It was not so much the machine as it was the ballot box, but we’re checking that out. It doesn’t change anything.”
  • One resident posted on social media that he had not been asked for an ID at the polls, but Gardner said she hadn’t heard anything about that, and that it was likely an isolated incident. In fact, other residents echoed that on the social media post, stressing that they had all been asked to show ID at the polls.

One thing Gardner also noted is that several voters have utilized curbside voting, which is available at all polling places for voters who are unable to walk into the precincts on their own.

GOOD Morning Wilton will continue to update as information becomes available and as soon as results are in, GMW will publish here and on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.