Tuesday night, May 19, local political parties made more candidate endorsements for Wilton races ahead of the Aug. 11 primary. For the Democrats, delegates unanimously endorsed current State Senator Will Haskell to run for re-election in the 26th district and Stephanie Thomas for the 143rd House District Race; Republicans unanimously nominated both Patrizia Zucaro for the 143rd House District race and current State Representative Tom O’Dea for the race in the 125th House District.


All 65 delegates to the 26th District Democratic nominating convention unanimously endorsed Will Haskell for reelection as state senator. The seven towns in the district they represent are Bethel, Redding, Weston, Ridgefield, Wilton, Westport, and New Canaan.

“In the absence of federal leadership during this pandemic, it’s more important than ever that our state government is guided by science, by democratic principles, and by a belief that government is a means of lifting people up instead of tearing them down,” said Haskell.

In his remarks to delegates, Haskell highlighted the General Assembly’s significant legislation from his first term in office. “After marching with students in Ridgefield and Westport for gun violence prevention, I brought their voices to the State Capitol and co-sponsored Ethan’s Law, to mandate the safe storage of guns when there are kids in the house, as well as a ban on ghost guns, because no one should be able to order a gun online without any check on their identity,” Haskell said during his remarks.  “As I went door to door on the campaign trail, I heard too many stories from voters who had been forced to choose between starting their family and their career. So, I helped pass a Family and Medical Leave Law that ensures no one will be required to go back to work when they are still recovering from an illness or caring for a new baby.”


Stephanie Thomas won the endorsement from Democrats to run in the 143rd House District race on Monday evening. The district covers Wilton, Norwalk and a portion of Westport.

Thomas posted her remarks on her Facebook page:  “I was so honored to receive the Democratic Party’s nomination for State Representative! While much has changed since I declared my candidacy, one thing remains the same: government plays a pivotal role in our lives and there is a need for strong advocates and leaders both nationally and at the state level.

“As a state, we are going to have to make tough choices about expenses, as we navigate decreased revenue, but we also have to invest in our people so that we can thrive as we recover and move forward.

“With your help, I hope to have a seat at the table in 2021 to tackle these issues and many other important initiatives that cannot wait. I look forward to speaking with you virtually or in-person in the coming weeks and months!”


At a virtual Republican convention, Patrizia Zucaro received the delegates’ unanimous endorsement as their candidate to represent the 143rd House district, which comprises most of Wilton, the eastern section of Norwalk, and the western part of Westport.

Zucaro accepted the nomination and pledged to help residents and businesses in the 143rd district recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, and thrive in the years to come.

“Connecticut has experienced an unprecedented crisis that has spared no one from the public health emergency and precarious economic situation that it has created,” Zucaro said. “Our state and the people of the 143rd district need steady leadership now, and the best way to deliver this is by ensuring openness and transparency in state government. Connecticut’s fiscal situation was troubling before the pandemic began, and now, things are much worse. The public needs far more information about public health matters and the state’s reopening plan, and local voices need to be heard at the state level.

Zucaro added, “This race isn’t about me or any other candidate. It’s about Wilton, and Norwalk, and Westport, and it’s about what their residents need and want from the legislature during these uncertain times. I look forward to speaking with as many residents of the district as possible to learn more about them as individuals and what is keeping them up at night. I am not running on a national platform and national platforms have nothing to do with my campaign. My focus is what is right for the people who live here. I will work very hard to further their interests and maintain a strong voice in Hartford.”

Tom O’Dea announced on his Facebook page that he received the unanimous endorsement to run for re-election as state representative of the 125th Assembly District.

“I am extremely honored and appreciative… It has been one of the greatest honors of my life serving New Canaan and Wilton for the past eight years.

“As the 1st Assistant Deputy Leader from either New Canaan or Wilton, I am proud of my record of working in a bipartisan manner for two of the finest municipalities in Connecticut!

“I am also extremely proud of the fact that I have never taken a penny of your tax money from the citizens elections program, saving about $150,000 of your tax dollars. These are difficult times and I promise to continue to work diligently to be your voice in Hartford.”