The 411 on Wilton Roads

Residents often inquire about responsibility for the land adjacent to town roads. There is a common misunderstanding that the Town owns the first 10-15 feet of property on either side of town-owned roads. Actually the size of the town-owned land between the road and private property varies by property. In some cases there isn’t any town-owned land adjacent to a town-owned road.

Historically, the Town has relied on property owners to maintain up to the road. The same is true for state-owned roads. If an owner does not maintain the town or state-owned land adjacent to the road, either the Town or the State trims the area when the growth becomes a traffic safety issue. Of course the owners of the 80-plus private roads in town are responsible for their own maintenance. If overgrowth on private property is creating a safety issue, the Town works with the owner to have them address the situation or allow the Town to address, should they refuse to do so themselves.

If you are uncertain about your general property borders, you can view them on the Town’s online GIS maps. Or you can visit the Town Clerk’s office and review the maps in person.

Since the late spring, DPW crews have been busy prepping roads for paving, sweeping roads, filling potholes and addressing road safety issues. Crews have been working overtime on the weekends due to the winter storm damage and short staffing as a result of retirement and worker’s comp injury. Management is actively working to fill the resulting vacancy.

Please report issues with town-owned roads, such as a pothole or overgrowth, through the Town’s SeeClickFix reporting system. This provides the most efficient and transparent means to address the issue. The work order is routed directly to the appropriate town employee and residents can follow the work progress. Calling or emailing the DPW department creates an extra step and thus slows down the work process. Instructions on how to access SeeClickFix can be found on the Town’s website.

Please contact the State for issues with state-owned roads as follows:  For Rte. 7 , Wolfpit Rd., New Canaan Rd. and Ridgefield Rd., call 203.972.0388, For Sharp Hill Rd., Hurlbutt St. south of Sharp Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill Rd., Cedar Rd. and Westport Rd., call 203.227.7692. The State does not allow the Town to perform work on state-owned roads.

Our paving contractor has been working since May to complete the last of the FY2018 town-road paving plan. The status of those roads can be found on the Town website homepage. The FY2019 paving plan will be added in mid July. Thank you.