When Wilton business Triloma Salon closed recently, stylist Leanne Zaccone, who had worked there for 10 years, decided to take the leap and open her own salon. She has named it White Cottage Salon, appropriately so for the small historic cottage the business occupies on the Lambert Corner property. Zaccone answered our GMW Business Q&A.    

Business Name:  White Cottage Salon

Business owner name: Leanne Zaccone

Tell us about your business:  White Cottage Salon is a full Service salon offering the latest in cuts, color, smoothing and styling.

How long have you had your business?  We opened the 9th of June, 2018

How did you get into this field?  In Wales my mother opened a hair salon called Big Wigs above a clothing store that she owned. When I was a teen I often hung out in the shop, got my hair done and loved the engaging, playful and creative atmosphere. When I moved to the states, I wanted a career where I could not only express my own creativity, as I’ve been artistic and spirited since I was child, I wanted to connect with people in a way that is so inherent in this type of work.

What do you love most about your job?  I love the diversity of the experience. No two haircuts or colors are the same. Each guest brings an opportunity for spontaneous creativity and also a collaboration between my expertise and the needs of my guest. I love making people happy, seeing them smile and knowing that they feel beautiful as they walk out the door.

What sets your business apart from any other?  The White Cottage Salon is in a quaint historical building, when you walk in you feel like you are coming to see a friend. It is a luxury atmosphere and offers all the services of a full service salon while feeling cozy and personal and welcoming.

What would people be surprised to learn about you and your business?  I previously worked at Triloma for close to 10 years and shortly after learning we were closing suddenly, the opportunity to open my own salon presented itself. The timing felt perfect, but there was a lot of work to be done to get it ready for the opening in only two weeks! My talented husband (John Zaccone) and I worked together to renovate the space. Not only was this a labor of love and a dream come true, but a space that truly represents who I am and what I want to offer.

What was the most memorable work experience you’ve had?  My most memorable experience was cutting a famous producer and director’s hair for the Oscars. I felt so nervous but he said it was the best haircut he ever got!

What kind of awards/accolades/brags would you like to share?  I’ve been a stylist for 20 years working in Westport and Wilton. I am a master colorist/stylist and continue to upgrade my knowledge of the newest trends and techniques in NYC and online.

What do you love about doing business?  This is a new business adventure, and it has renewed my sense of passion for why I first got into this field. It has inspired me to take more classes, to learn the newest techniques, styles and trends.

Why did you pick Wilton as the place to open your business?  I’ve been working in Wilton in the Salon industry for over 15 years and have developed relationships with so many wonderful clients. I wouldn’t have wanted to set up shop anywhere else.

What do you love about Wilton?  I love many things about Wilton but he thing I love most is the people that I’ve met here.

What do you hope to give your customers?  Being situated in the historical area of Lambert corner, it was my aim to create a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere where you can sip tea, enjoy a craft beer or a glass of wine and unwind. Life is so fast paced and coming to the salon ought to be every bit a pleasurable experience.

White Cottage Salon is located at 154 Danbury Rd., and the phone number is 203.803.8311.