We are fortunate to live in a community of residents willing to volunteer their time to make Wilton the wonderful place we have chosen to make our home. We are not afraid to look at ourselves critically and seek ways to improve. Several initiatives, led in large part by dedicated Wilton volunteers, are currently under consideration. I encourage everyone to learn about them and participate in the decision-making.

In response to changing demographics, Planning and Zoning Commissioners have developed proposed regulations allowing for aged restricted housing. Increasingly, Wilton empty nesters are downsizing and moving to surrounding communities that offer more diverse housing choices. Like many of you, I have experienced regret when a long-term volunteer or a friend has moved outside of Wilton because the town did not have the easy lifestyle-friendly housing they were seeking. On Monday, Nov. 14, (at 7:15 p.m. in the Town Hall Annex Building) the Commission will hold a public hearing on the proposed regulations. The regulations can be viewed online. Thoughts on the regulations can be shared at the meeting during the hearing or sent to the Commission via email.

In response to an increased demand for sports fields, our Parks and Recreation Commission has formed two subcommittees:  one subcommittee is studying field usage and scheduling to determine the need for additional fields; another subcommittee, working concurrently, is addressing the question,of where to locate additional fields. All subcommittee meetings are open to the public and your input is welcome. Meeting agendas and minutes can be found through the link on the town’s home page. Generally, subcommittees meet at the Comstock Center on the first Thursday and the last Wednesday of the month.

The Conservation Commission and the Park and Recreation Commission are working collaboratively to determine appropriate future usage for Schencks Island and Merwin Meadows. At Monday’s Board of Selectmen’s meeting, we approved a proposal for a joint study committee to include representatives of the Board and of the Conservation, Parks and Recreation and Economic Development Commissions. The study committee will seek public input. Please look for those opportunities and make your voice heard.

Finally, I encourage you to consider volunteering for one of the several openings within town government. Currently there are one or more openings on the Conservation Commission, the Inland Wetlands Commission, the Energy Commission, the Wilton Employees Retirement Investment Committee, the Historic Properties and Historic District Committee, the Water Commission and the Building Inspectors Board of Appeals. Interested unaffiliated voters and those from parties other than Democrat and Republican parties can either contact me directly via email or the Democratic Town Committee email  or the Republican Town Committee email. Registered Republicans or Democrats should contact their respective town committee.

Lynne Vanderslice is the first selectman of Wilton.