“Warrior Sports Week on GMW” Nov. 21, 2022: WHS Field Hockey Finishes States as No. 2 PLUS Gretchen McMahon Photos [VIDEO]

Wilton's field hockey captains hold the runner-up trophy from the State Championship finals after a terrific season finishing 2nd in the State and finishing 2nd in the tournament to number one seed Darien (photo: Gretchen McMahon Photography)

Last week, Wilton High School athletics saw field hockey finishing its fall postseason with a trip to the CIAC State Championship Class L finals“Warrior Sports Week on GMW“ and host WHS sophomore Alex K. have all the details and all the other results for any other fall sports teams still competing last week.

Plus, GMW also has Gretchen McMahon Photography images from the field hockey finals.

Watch this week’s “Warrior Sports Week on GMW,” and check it all out, here.



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