For the third week in a row, there were six properties transferred in Wilton. According to information distributed weekly to local media by the town clerk’s office, those real estate sales were:

  • John O’Brien and Kristi Colburn, Trustees, and John O’Brien and Kristi Colburn Revocable Trusts, sold 103 Spoonwood Rd. to Ryan and Sarah Neubauer for $750,000.
  • Maria Warren and Anne Crane, Trustees, and Peter K. Warren Revocable Trust Agreement, sold 1030 Ridgefield Rd. to Kevin and Irene Roth for $785,000.
  • 144 Linden Tree LLC sold 144 Linden Tree Rd. to Mischelle and John Choinski for $1,849,000.
  • George and Holly Newcomb sold 52 Tanners Dr. to Steven March for $980,000.
  • Yugan and Awan Sikri sold 52 Village Walk to Geoffrey and Jennifer Fila for $285,000.
  • Design Home Builders LLC transferred land at 44 Old Farm Rd. (quit claim) to Design Home Builders 2 LLC for $481,069.00.