Congratulations to the Wilton High School boys lacrosse team, which defeated New Canaan in Thursday’s (May 25) 2023 FCIAC Championship finals to win the league title for the first time since 1999.

It was Wilton’s 14th-ever title win.

The fourth-seeded Warriors’ 8-4 win over their rivals to the west was sweet considering New Canaan not only was seeded above them at No. 3 but had also defeated Wilton just a few weeks before in regular season play.

Wilton’s win in the finals followed on the heels of another exhilarating victory in the semifinals, this time over the No. 1 seed, Darien, 11-10.

GOOD Morning Wilton will have full coverage on Tuesday, May 30 in “Warrior Sports Week on GMW.”

Credit: Screenshot / Darien Athletic Foundation Media

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  1. Hey Guys, Well done and well deserved! Now, on to the state tournament – GO WARRIORS!

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