GOOD Morning Wilton is pleased to share the speeches delivered Saturday, June 15, during Wilton High School‘s graduation of the Class of 2019. This speech was given by Kimberly Castano, the vice president of the graduating senior class, to present the gifts bestowed by the class to the school community.

Good Evening, and Congratulations to US!

My name is Kimberly Castano and I am the vice president of the senior class.

I want to thank all of the parents, teachers, the Wilton community and you, the Class of 2019, for the support you have given us to make this year’s gifts possible.

It is difficult to show our appreciation with an object that represents all our Wilton High School experiences. But, the class of 2019 is proud to present the following gifts:

Though our memories together are intangible, the Class of 2019 has given each senior an individualized class coffee mug with each of your peer’s names on it. This coffee mug will be a tangible reminder of each of your classmates and the memories you have made together.

Not only will we remember our class because of this mug but we have given every teacher, administrator and staff in the building our mug as well. So wherever we land next year, perhaps the faculty here at Wilton will be sipping their coffee, thinking of us while facing their naively confident, doe-eyed freshmen.

In addition to the mugs they will remember us by the donations that will put a smile on their faces no matter how far away we are. We will be making a significant donation to the “Sunshine Fund.” This fund was created for teachers and administrators to receive support, such as flowers and cards when they are experiencing an important event in their lives. Through this fund, they will continue to feel our love and support the way they have loved and supported us.

Furthermore, the Class of 2019 will install a “Venue Run–Electronic/Video Information System.” This is a digital display system [that] serves as a communicator between the Athletic Department and Warrior fans while creating an interactive experience for athletes and fans alike. We will be able to see how and when Wilton Warriors athletes set records by this system.

And finally, there will be a constant visual reminder on the exterior of Wilton High School for all to see. As much as we joke about the architecture of this building, our class has dedicated campus banners to alleviate our industrial appearance and remind us that this is a place full of love, laughter, and learning.

On behalf of the Class of 2019, I would like to thank every teacher, and parent for your continued support.

So, Class of 2019, congratulations again, and always keep in mind that as we move forward there will always be something valuable that we have left behind.