One week after releasing trout they had raised into the Norwalk River, the Wilton High School Marine Biology Club went back to the same river to pull something else out.

On May 2, WHS Marine Biology Club members (pictured above, L-R) Matt Villa, Emma Helman, Maria Cox, Aby Yoon, Trisha Mhatre, Lily Kepner and Rachel Wilson spent an afternoon cleaning trash from the banks of the Norwalk River, not far from the school. Among the items they found were a plastic chair, large plastic buckets, and many other forms of trash along the river.

“It’s important for students to realize that whatever we put in the river can ultimately end up in the Sound,” said advisor and science teacher Suzanne Steadham. “By taking care of the river, we are directly helping Long Island Sound.”

The club hopes erect signs along the river educating citizens about the dangers of littering, especially with plastic wastes, which do not break down over time.

A week earlier, the students released a dozen trout into the river. Raising of the trout at the high school is a joint effort by students from the club, AP Biology and AP Environmental Science classes, along with teachers Brett Amero, Matt Hoyt, Jim Lucey and Steadham.