Each year, Wilton High School recognizes graduating seniors in the art, music and theater departments, presenting awards and scholarships for achievement in each field. This year’s Fine and Performing Arts (FAPA) Awards ceremony took place on May 24, and nearly 100 senior student artists, musicians, and performers were honored.

“The FAPA awards were a wonderful evening, celebrating the success of our students in the arts. The WHS community is fortunate in that there is so much to celebrate in these areas,” says Nick Loafman, WHS band director.

Each year, one student is awarded the prestigious Fine and Performing Arts Award scholarship, for demonstrating exemplary dedication, leadership and passion for the arts for all four years. In order to win the sought-after FAPA Award, the student must be involved with at least three separate arts departments at WHS. The 2017 Fine and Performing Arts Award was presented to Ben Senneff (pictured above).

The other students who received awards were:

Fine Arts Awards

  • Gold Key Scholastic Art Award:  Phoebe Anderson
  • HM Ceramics Scholastic Art Award:  Alia O’Neil
  • Gold Key and Best in Digital Media Scholastic Art Award:  Aldyn Flavin
  • Silver Key Photography Scholastic Art Award:  Kendall LaMantia
  • HM Scholastic Art Award:  Isabella Segall
  • Gold Key and CAEA Award for Best Animation and Film Scholastic Art Award:  Emma Keating
  • Gold Key in Digital Art Scholastic Art Award:  Adrian DeSimone
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  • Ceramics PTSA Book Award:  Dan Gassell
  • Photography PTSA Book Award:  Kyle Nash
  • Painting PTSA Book Award:  Catie Frankel
  • Drawing PTSA Book Award:  Jonathan Gibney
  • Computer Graphics PTSA Book Award:  Emma Keating
  • Faculty Book Award:  Giovanni Santarsiero
  • Robert Lassen Award:  Phoebe Anderson and Christine Troller
  • Echelon Awards for Yearbook:  Aqueelah Muhammad, Katie Kandiew and Alida Schefers
  • Charles A. Dana Award:  Catie Frankel
  • The Greens and Meadows Holiday Card Awards:  Lindsey Clifford
  • Julia Robb Scholarship from the Wilton Women’s Club: Dan Gassell and Catherine Cinguina
  • Ambler Trust Scholarship in Honor of Rusty Hurd:  Sean Cunningham, Computer Graphics; Jonathan Gibney, Pursue a career in Art; Emma Keating, Pursue a career in Film; Catie Frankel, Pursue a Career as an Art Teacher
  • AP Student Portfolios:  Phoebe Anderson, Catherine Cinguina, Aldyn Flavin, Kendall LaMantia, Logan Morris, Ryan Purdy, Christine Troller, Rachel Waters, Catie Frankel, Jonathan Gibney and Emma Stow

Emma Keating is awarded the Gold Key and CAEA Award for Best Animation and Film Scholastic Art Award

Marching Band/Wind Ensemble Awards

  • The Chip Gawle Scholarship:  Pippa Gosden, clarinet, and Jackson Walker, saxophone
  • The John Philip Sousa National Band Award:  Will Suchy, trumpet
  • The Louis Armstrong National Jazz Award:  Ryan Carlson, trombone
  • The John Rhodes Award:  Elizabeth MacDonald, flute, and Haley MacDonald, saxophone
  • Outstanding Wind Ensemble members:  Adrienne Coslick, flute; David Farago, tuba; Bruce Gao, baritone horn; Catherine Hinshaw, percussion; Victoria Koenigsberger, flute; Kevin Moya, trumpet; Alexander Rappaport, trumpet; Nathan Reznik, trombone; and Elizabeth Ward, tenor saxophone
  • Distinguished Service Awards:  Caleb Clifford, percussion; Morgan Hickey, clarinet; Vedika Karandikar, horn; Rachel Low, flute; Jillian Lynch, flute; Ava Martinelli, clarinet; Matthew May, tuba; and Grace Ullman, flute
  • Recognition of Service:  Scott Brown, trumpet; Gwen Hall, clarinet; Jacob Hearl, alto saxophone; James Mannix, horn; Natalia Matuk, clarinet; Sam Muirhead, saxophone; Tim Rizzo, trombone; Kathleen Tese, clarinet; Catherine Vose, clarinet; and Kaitlin Zappaterrini, clarinet
  • The PTA book Awards:  Nickia Muraskin and Ravi Siripuram
  • Outstanding Jazz Ensemble Members:  Jack Gioffre, Davis Johnson, Eliza Ward, Nathan Reznik and Alexander Rappaport

Orchestra Awards

  • The Marty Meade Director’s Scholarship:  Stephanie Xie, viola
  • The Al Anderson Scholarship:  Elizabeth Kenneally, violin
  • National Orchestra Award:  Lucas Adams, cello
  • Outstanding Orchestra Members:  Abe Chow-Silva, violin, and Lyza Serra, violin
  • Distinguished Service Awards:  Gwen Hall, cello; Kevin Moya, violin; Vedika Karandikar, violin; Andrew Nisco, cello; Ravi Siripuram, viola; and Meletios Tsantilas, cello
  • Recognition of Service Awards:  Olivia Bernardini, cello; Alexandra Keenan, viola; and Daniel Sackstein, violin
  • The PTA Book Award:  Katelyn Aznaran, violin.

Elizabeth Kenneally is presented with the Al Anderson Scholarship for orchestra

Daniel Sackstein receives a Recognition of Service Award for orchestra

Chorus Awards

  • Wilton Singers Scholarships:  Erin Bronner and Carolyn Yee
  • The Betsey de Groff Director’s Scholarship:  David Farago
  • The Candlelight Concert Series Scholarship:  Stephanie Xie
  • The Ken Paull Scholarship:  Ilissa Davison
  • National School Choral Awards: Evan Clark and Sheila Higgins
  • Outstanding Madrigals:  Nicole Scamuffo and Brandon Zheng
  • Outstanding Men’s Choir Members:  Evan Clark and Steffan Nobles
  • Outstanding Chamber Singer recognition:  Garavi Angreji and Sarah Magnano
  • Outstanding Concert Choir members:  Julia Foodman and Andrew Nisco
  • Distinguished Service Award:  Randolph Ramirez 
  • Recognition of Service Awards:  Bruce Gao, Davis Johnson and Olivia Macieik
  • Vocamentalist Award:  David Farago

Theater Awards

  • Golden Curtain Award:  Ben Senneff
  • Director’s Award:  Julia Foodman
  • Producer’s Award:  Davis Johnson’
  • TAPS Awards:  Carolyn Yee and Madelyn Hand
  • Yes… And Award:  Lynn Huffard
  • Little Theater Company Award: Brooke Amodei

Julia Foodman is awarded the Director’s Award for theater.