Below are recent photos and results from contributing sports photographer Gretchen McMahon.


Pictured above, Ryan Johnson slides safely into 2nd as the 2nd baseman drops the ball in Wilton High School’s 4-3 nail biter win against Westhill on Friday afternoon, April 23. (photo:  Gretchen McMahon Photography)

Girls Lacrosse

Gwynn Sullivan gets through the Ridgefield defense to score for Wilton Saturday, April 24 at Lilly FIeld. Wilton finished 14-6 with the win. (photo:  Gretchen McMahon Photography)

Boys Lacrosse

Sean Wiseman takes the ball to the net for one of his two goals against Ridgefield at Tiger Hollow Stadium on Saturday, April 24. Wilton took the tough loss, 7-11. (photo:  Gretchen McMahon Photography)

Girls Tennis

The seniors on the WHS girls tennis team were honored at Senior Day on Thursday, April 22, in the blustery wind and 40-degree temperatures. Wilton went on to win against Danbury, 7-0. Pictured below (L-R): Eleanor Greene,  Sammy Castano, Emma Caldwell, Libby Connolly, Brooke Latone, Grace Cahill, Kaila Scally and Victoria Fox. (photo:  Gretchen McMahon Photography)

Singles:  Emma Caldwell def. Taylor Potpan (6-0, 6-0); Rhea Raghavan def. Emily Bleeker (6-1, 6-2); Brooke Latone def. Jane Gawley (6-2, 6-1); and Kaila Scally def. Zoey Kallianiotis (6-3, 6-4).

Doubles:  Grace Cahill and Annie Caldwell def. Tessa Treglia and Lexi Silva (6-0, 6-0); Eleanor Greene and Libby Connolly def. Nia Sterling and Riya Patel (6-4, 6-0); and Sammy Castano and Victoria Fox def. Stella Walker and Erin Bleeker (6-2, 6-2).