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This week, Alex K. and “Warrior Sports Week” cover Wilton High School baseball and girls tennis. Wilton High School students were among the medal winning rowers with the Norwalk River Rowing Association. Plus, Gretchen McMahon has some photos from senior nights and lacrosse competition.

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WHS Students Among Medal Winners for Norwalk River Rowing Association

The Norwalk River Rowing Association (NRRA) team had a successful regatta held on April 23-24 at the Mercer Lake Sprints at the Richard Coffee Mercer County Park in West Windsor, NJ. With over 50 teams participating in the highly competitive regatta, Norwalk brought home four gold and two silver medals, including: first place in Men’s Novice 4+, first place in Women’s Novice 4x, first place in Men’s U17 4x, first place in Men’s Lightweight Varsity 2x, second place in Men’s 2nd Varsity 2x, and second place in Women’s Varsity 2x.

Among the athletes who competed hard and brought home some hotly contested hardware were Wilton High school students Connor Wetzel (WHS ‘24), Max Reznik (WHS ‘24), Cash Worthington (WHS ’25) and Samar Rokkam (WHS ’25). Wetzel and Reznik placed second in the Men’s 2nd Varsity 2x, while Worthington and Rokkam championed golds in the Men’s U17 4X and Men’s Novice 4+ respectively.

The Norwalk River Rowing Association (NRRA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, community-based organization that promotes a lifelong passion for the sport of rowing among its adult and youth members.

Gretchen McMahon Photography

Josie Goldman clears the ball past New Canaan player Stella Nolan in Thursday’s contest at Dunning Field. The Warriors were defeated 13-6. Credit: Gretchen McMahon Photography
James Cain with a shot on goal in the boys lacrosse game against New Canaan Thursday night at home Credit: Gretchen McMahon Photography
The Wilton softball team beat Greenwich 9-2 as they honored the four senior players on Senior Night. Shown here are the seniors with their parents (L-R): Ally Van Heyst, Avery Samai, Kat Costanzo and Jenna Soltis. Credit: Gretchen McMahon Photography
Wilton Girls Lacrosse honored their eight seniors Tuesday night, May 9 at Lilly Field. They defeated Danbury with another running clock score of 17-1. Pictured with their underclassmen teammates are seniors (kneeling, L-R) Whitney Hess, Maddie Ratcliffe, Molly Snow, Lucy Corry, Jemma Peterkin, Emerson Pattillo, Mary Scally and Isabel DiNanno. Credit: Gretchen McMahon Photography
Senior boys lacrosse players (L-R) Charlie Rath, Evan Blankenship, Liam Pearsall, Kames Cain, Wilson Tansill, Connor Sweeney,Michael Wall,Dave Sylvester,Luke Totten,Connor Smith,Owen Rosen,Tommy MCKiernan, Kneeling SR Captains-Andre Wiest,Charlie Johnson,Caleb Rath,Spencer Liston Credit: Gretchen McMahon Photography

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  1. Hey Alex, Thanks for your usual fine reporting. The videos and images are terrific.

    Keep up the good work and GO WARRIORS!

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