Town of Wilton officials are closing the track, Fujitani turf field and bleachers at Wilton High School Veterans Memorial Stadium for all use by members of the public beginning on Monday, June 21. The closure will allow the work crew to install a new track surface, as the second part of the town’s multi-stage track replacement.

Phase 1 was completed in April and included removing the existing track materials and replacing the subsurface with new asphalt. Officials delayed the start of Phase 2 until the high school could hold graduation in the stadium.

Phase 2 includes the installation of the Beynon 300 running surface and line painting. According to a press release from the first selectwoman’s office, any use of these facilities could damage the new track surface and extend the time the facility will be closed.

The stadium, field and track are expected to reopen around mid-July.

What the track is expected to look like once completed.

The total cost to replace the track is $973,300; the project is being funded with bonded monies as well as a gift of $80,500 from Back the Track.

For more information on the track replacement project, visit the Town of Wilton website. Questions may be directed to Steve Pierce via email or at 203.834.6234, ext. 6.