Isabella Segall is a Wilton High School junior, but last week’s tragic mass shooting at a Florida high school has motivated her to become an activist. The 16-year-old has stepped up to take the lead in organizing a meeting of teenagers who support stronger gun laws and legislative action.

The meeting will be held tomorrow, Wednesday Feb. 21 at 4 p.m. at the Prospector Theater in Ridgefield. She has planned a complete program, with speakers and special guests, including Congressman Jim Himes and State Rep. Bob Duff.

Isabella was motivated by the Parkland, FL mass shooting out of a need to channel her own fears into something positive.

“Isabella said she was too young for Sandy Hook to do something but she was so upset now that she had to do something to make a difference and to not be afraid all the time,” her mother, Barbarajean Segall, says.

Isabella posted a call for the meeting on Instagram, (below) inviting other teens (and those who love them) to attend. Her mother posted it on Facebook, and they sent it to GOOD Morning Wilton hoping more teens would hear about it and come to the meeting.

“These are some of my best friends. These are the people I hold closest in my life. These are the people that play Russian roulette every time they walk through the doors to go to school. I go to school to learn and to better myself, instead I fear for my safety on a daily basis, and shooting after shooting has only instilled a sense of dread that we could be next. I’m sick of sitting around and waiting for our government to do something that’ll never happen. I’m fed up, and I’m ready for a change. This change starts with us, the people most affected, the kids. This Wednesday, 4 p.m., at the Prospector Theater, there will be a meeting for anyone who feels the same way. The executive director of CT Against Gun Violence will be there to help us get started and to talk to us about what we can do. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come, bring your friends, it’s not exclusive to Wilton! I’m ready for a change, are you? You can text or call me at 203.313.1010 for more information or questions, I look forward to seeing you there.”