Wilton voters turned out in underwhelming numbers to vote on the town budget for FY 2019. More people voted to approve the budget as proposed–but the budget passed automatically anyway because fewer than 15% of eligible voters showed up at the polls. The actual turnout was 13.04%.

The vote was 1,084 in favor of the budget, 532 who voted “NO, Too High” and 13 who voted “NO, Too Low.”

The budget that passed represents a 1.51% increase. The total town FY’19 budget is $127,563,331 (broken down that’s $33,510,999 for the Board of Selectmen and $81,876,563 for the Board of Education).

Votes tabulated on the three referendum questions, all of which passed, were as follows:

  • $3,000,000 in bonding for year two of a five-year road restoration/paving project:  1,416 Yes, 211 No
  • $700,000 in bonding to replace the 10-plus year old crumb rubber turf at Lilly Stadium with a new coconut husk turf (plus shock padding):  1,054 Yes, 568 No
  • $400,000 in bonding to repave and install lighting at the Bus Barn:  1,010 Yes, 610 No

Voting was brisk and steady earlier in the day, but slowed down significantly as the day progressed.

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  1. Let they who were available to vote, but did not vote, complain not; whether in support or not.

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