PuroClean owners Alejandro and Jennifer Restrepo were recognized at the company’s international convention for outstanding success

Alejandro and Jennifer Restrepo, owners of PuroClean of Wilton | Ridgefield, were recently recognized by PuroClean with its “On the Move Award” at the company’s annual PuroClean International Owner’s Convention. Of more than 430 franchise locations across North America, the Restrepos were recognized by the PuroClean executive team behind the thriving property restoration and remediation franchise brand.

“I honestly had no idea this was happening,” Alejandro Restrepo said. “All I could think of is, this really is the greatest country in the world. Being an immigrant, I came here at a young age with my parents… this is only possible here and I’m really grateful. Thank you, and I appreciate everyone who has taken phone calls and helped us out.”

The spirit of the On the Move Award is designed to honor first-year franchise owners within the PuroClean franchise network who represent the core pillars of the brand’s three-pronged culture including servant leadership, active collaboration, and extreme ownership. Since opening their PuroClean business in 2021, the Restrepos have exemplified both the drive and commitment it takes to succeed in their first year with the world-class brand.

“Nominated by the PuroClean Home Office and selected by Executive Team, I am proud to present this award to Alejandro and Jennifer,” PuroClean President and COO Steve White said. “We do not present this award every year — it is reserved for those who truly exemplify the drive and commitment it takes to get their office On the Move, and the Restrepos are true representatives of such.”

PuroClean is a service brand for property water damage remediation, fire and smoke damage mitigation, mold removal and biohazard clean-up services, working with both residential and commercial customers across the U.S. and Canada. The Restrepos’ PuroClean of Wilton | Ridgefield is located at 24 Danbury Rd. in Wilton.

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